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63-11 Queens Boulevard
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Category Archives: USCIS DNA Immigration Test

DNA Testing Requirements for Immigration to the USA

Immigration DNA testing for the US can comprise maternity, kinship, or a paternity test. The main purpose of this testing is to grant approval to a visa applicant to the US who already has relatives there. Note that the US Embassy and Consulate, which deals in immigration DNA testing, doesn’t regard distant relatives as close blood relations. Therefore, the kinship should be close to your lineage and parentage, such as your uncle, grandparent, son, brother, etc.

Immigration DNA testing

This method of testing ensures high accuracy in verifying family relationships. It becomes a necessary process once there is no source of credible document or proof to verify the relationship between the visa applicant and the beneficiary. In the US, different departments may require Immigration DNA testing. They include:

  • S. Embassy
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services)

Here’s what the Immigration DNA testing allows you to acquire in your biological relationship’s verification process.

  • Citizenship petitions
  • Immigrant Visa
  • S. passport applications

Why Would You Require DNA Testing for US Immigration?

DNA testing is the most accurate method of verifying biological relationships, especially for the immigration process. For some, passing the Immigration DNA testing can help families reunite. If the US immigration department finds any uncertainty or problem in the petition request, they may demand a DNA testing report.

This mainly occurs when a visa applicant goes for an immigration petition but doesn’t provide sufficient details and credible proof to verify their relationship with their kin in the US already. Therefore, immigrant DNA testing may be necessary to clear the information about the beneficiary and petitioner’s relationship. For countries where there aren’t credible birth certificates and several important documents, DNA testing for immigration is a must.

On the other hand, if you and your kin provide appropriate proof of your biological relationship as a petitioner or beneficiary, you may still need to pass the immigration DNA test. Staying calm in such situations is the best approach, as the test will surely pass if you aren’t committing any fraud.

Furthermore, with strict background checking and regulations, there isn’t usually any room for fraud in the immigration process. Combine that with the DNA tests, and you will have to go through a rigid immigration petition process. However, your focus should be the test results that will confirm your biological relationship with your beneficiary.

Types of DNA Sampling for Immigration

USA Immigration DNA testing services and information

While DNA testing is one of the most accurate biological relationship testing methodologies, it is now widely used for legal issues and processes. It is better and accurate than many other testing and relationship verification methods; DNA testing has various types.

The preferred technique to collect the specimen of the petitioner and/or applicant is through a buccal swab. This involves using non-invasive cotton swabs that easily collect DNA by gathering cells from the open mouth or cheek cavity.

It is the most common DNA sample collection method instead of the blood samples. This is because swabs are painless, non-invasive, comfortable, and easier to ship overseas/abroad. You should know that the DNA testing standards and reliability have crossed the average accuracy barriers by reaching matches of 99.99% accuracy. Surprisingly, the Consular officer in the US might not accept a DNA test result that has accuracy below 99.95%.

Requirements and Process of DNA Testing for Immigration to the US

The US Government and Immigration Department demand that you get DNA testing facilities and services of only AABB-accredited and certified testing labs. These are the only test results that are legally permissible. AABB accreditation requirement from the US government and Immigration office enforces higher testing standards, zero-contamination, and lower chances of inaccurate results.

These are a few simple steps that you may have to follow if the immigration office requires you or your family to provide DNA test results.

Initially, choose a DNA testing lab that is AABB-certified (American Association of Blood Banks).

The lab shall collect DNA samples of the parties involved and then perform tests with highly accurate values. Further, they will directly send the DNA kit to the US Embassy or Consulate. Upon receiving the DNA kit, the embassy will have an appointment with the applicant for their DNA sample.

The test results will directly reach the US Immigration office and the senior officials. Remember that mailing your DNA test results from home using at-home DNA testing kits will result in rejection and greater delays in the verification process.

Immigration DNA Testing: Conclusion

Being an AABB-accredited DNA testing facility, AB DNA Testing provides the most accurate & reliable DNA testing services. We offer not only DNA testing services for Immigration to and out of the US but also many other legal issues. These include paternity, maternity, and other types of DNA tests.

Without any hidden charges, we offer individualized attention to every applicant. What’s more, our experts have years of experience and knowledge in blood and DNA testing. Call us at 718-701-0292 for more information. Pay us a personal visit at 63-11 Queens Blvd. Woodside, NY 11377.


Reference Links:

USCIS DNA Testing Procedures

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has specific rules about DNA  testing procedures for VISA applications. However, this test isn’t mandatory and is completely voluntary. By getting this test, it doesn’t guarantee your visa, but it may help in other areas. More specifically, if there is no credible proof of a relationship with someone you might be living with or for someone who is sponsoring you.

The USCIS DNA testing procedures involve the standard DNA test taken for different purposes. This DNA test verifies a biological relationship, especially when there is no credible evidence. Some of the most common types of DNA testings include maternity, paternity, as well as full, and half-siblings. Your visa consular might advise for a DNA test. In that case, you should learn more about the USCIS DNA testing procedures.

USCIS DNA Testing Procedures

Why Will You Need DNA Immigration Testing?

You may have to go through the USCIS DNA Test if there is no credible proof of an existing relationship. These documents usually come in the form of birth certificates, school records, and photographs. By getting a DNA test, you may be easily able to achieve certain documents and applications. For example, the application for U.D Passports and Immigration Visa is easy to get once you have a DNA test. You can also have access to U.S Citizenship Petitions and Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA).

These documents do not guarantee you a visa, but it’s just to confirm certain undocumented proof. DNA testing for immigration isn’t mandatory unless the visa counselor advises you to get it.

USCIS DNA Testing Process

Mentioned below is the step-by-step explanation for the USCIS DNA testing process. This explanation will give you a slight idea of what to expect and what you will go through if you plan to get one.

1.     Getting in Touch with an Accredited Laboratory

If your Visa officer advises you to get a DNA test, you will first have to choose an authentic laboratory. Here you can give your DNA sample, which they can use to their advantage. Make sure that the American Association of Blood Banks accredited the Laboratory you choose.  Beware of labs that do not associate with the AABB or who lie about being affiliated. The visa officer will only accept DNA reels from AABB-accredited labs.

2.     Sample Collection

After setting an appointment at a credible laboratory, you will have to submit your DNA sample through a buccal swab. Once the technician receives your swab, the AABB collection clinic will give a test kit to the main lab testing site. You will not receive the DNA test kit yourself as the test kit will go directly to the U.S Embassy.

3.     Embassy Connects with the Applicant

Once the embassy has their hands on your DNA kit, they will get in touch with the applicant that is you. You will then need to provide them with a DNA sample and make an appointment to visit the consulate or embassy.

USCIS DNA Testing Procedures for Visa

4.     Payment Procedure

You have to make sure that your family member makes arrangements for payment before going in for the appointment. Only with the payment will the embassy assign a panel where they will take the DNA sample. They will receive a receipt that they have to bring to their appointment, which will take place at the U.S. Consulate. Your family member will not be able to go through the DNA collection appointment without the receipt. Therefore, they must make sure they don’t forget to bring it along to the appointment.

5.     The Collection Appointment

Once the AABB laboratory successfully analyzes your DNA, they will send the results directly to the U.S. Embassy. Once they receive it, the embassy will get in touch with you to continue your visa application process. You cannot showcase results on your own, as the U.S. Embassy and consulate only accept results directly from the AABB labs. You can achieve copies by directly contacting the AABB lab.

The USCIS DNA Testing process isn’t that complex. You just have to follow all the rules and have an accredited AABB lab in the United States of America take your test.

USCIS DNA Testing Procedures: Final Words

The USCIS DNA testing is a pretty big deal, especially when you’re going through it for visa or other important immigration purposes. Hence you must make sure you get every detail right. If you want a DNA testing appointment and some guidance as to how it works, schedule your appointment with AB DNA Testing services now!

AB DNA Testing Services
63-11 Queens Boulevard
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Why Do You Need a DNA Test to Immigrate to the USA?

Do You Need a DNA Test to Immigrate to the USA? Many people migrate to new countries to meet and live with their families. Immigration for family reunification has largely increased these days, and countries have to enforce stricter regulations in this regard.

Considering the country’s population and current situation, policies and law that apply to family reunification must provide a proper solution to an individual’s right to family life and the country’s right to control the efflux of immigrations.

Here, the DNA test comes as a solution. The use of a DNA test is now a part of the family reunification immigration process in developed countries to confirm the biological relationship.

DNA Test for Immigration in the US

The USIC (the United States Citizen and Immigration Services) recommends a DNA test for proving the biological relationship to many of those who have submitted 1-130 petition form. An immigration DNA test helps expedite the immigration process approval.

Immigration DNA Test commonly includes testing of the relationship between parent-child, siblings, step-siblings, grandson/daughter-grandparents,

Why is DNA testing Necessary for US Immigration?

A DNA test is the best means to prove biological relationships for the immigration process as per family reunification. The immigration department is most likely to ask for a DNA test if they have any doubts or concern regarding the information provided in the petition.

When there is a lack of evidence to prove the relation between the petitioner and beneficiary, the need for immigration DNA test will come without question. DNA test for immigration is highly recommendable for applicants from a specific country in Asia, Africa, or Latin America, where the birth certificate and other documents are either not available or doubtful.

But even if you and your beneficiary have proper proof and documents for the identity and biological relationship, you might still have to go for a DNA test. You must not hesitate from a DNA test if you are not doing any fraud or making a false claim.

Immigration DNA Test can Detect any Hoax

You have no chance of doing fraud regarding the immigration process with strict regulations and background checking. Especially with DNA test, you can make no false claims about your biological relatedness with the beneficiary. The DNA test will not only confirm or deny biological relation but also tell you how related you are with the applicant. This way, you cannot pose an extended family member as a close blood relative.

DNA Test for Immigration

If the US consulate requests a DNA test from you as a petitioner, you must go ahead with it. You should submit your buccal (inner cheek) sample to an AABB accredited lab. The lab will most probably coordinate with the foreign embassy who would receive the DNA sample of the applicant. You and your family member must wait till you receive the test results within a week or two.

If the test results confirm the biological relationship between the two of you, the applicant can continue with their visa application process.

AB DNA Testing

AB DNA Testing services can provide you with the most critical information regarding acquiring Immigration DNA test in NYC. If you need to get, an Immigration DNA test call us now 718-701-0292 or visit our website for more information.  

Immigration DNA Testing

Why is DNA testing for immigration used?

Best DNA Testing NYC

There is a very good reason for Immigration to use DNA testing: If a United States citizen or resident wants to sponsor a family member to be admitted into the United States, DNA testing is often be used to prove that the person in question is truly a relative.

This DNA testing for immigration will show whether or not there is a biological relationship between the two parties. For example, it might be a:

  • Paternity Test
  • Maternity Test
  • Family Relationship Test

What exactly is DNA and how does it prove whether or not people are related by blood?

What is DNA?

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid and is the hereditary material that is present in all human beings and other living organisms.

Types of DNA testing for Immigration.

Best DNA Testing NYC 2023

There are various kinds of DNA tests but DNA testing for immigration specifically tests for genealogy. This compares the DNA makeup of one person with that of another to see if there are genetic matches. DNA testing can not only show genetic matches, it can even determine the genetic distance among relatives. For instance, one type of genealogical DNA testing, called Kinship Testing, shows whether or not two people are blood relatives or not. Another, newer type of testing is called Autosomal DNA testing and it measures the number of genetic markers two people have in common. The higher the number of matches, the closer the kinship.

Autosomal testing can show whether two people are first cousins, siblings, half siblings and so on.

What is AABB?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as well as United States embassies and immigration organizations world wide, all require that any DNA testing for immigration be performed by an AABB accredited laboratory. AABB stands for the American Association of Blood Banks. AABB accreditation means that certain standards are met in DNA testing.

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You May be Required to Contact the U.S. Embassy Overseas Regarding DNA Testing

You May be Required to Contact the U.S. Embassy Overseas Regarding DNA Testing

If you have completed an immigration application with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services department for a relative living overseas, it may be your responsibility to contact the U.S. embassy in that country regarding DNA testing.

In many cases, DNA testing is required to complete the immigration visa application. This process is used to document and prove that there is a legitimate familial relationship between the applicant and the U.S. citizen.

Depending on where your relative lives, there may be agencies in their home country that are acceptable to the USCIS. If there are none, it will be your responsibility to contact the U.S. embassy in that country to arrange the international DNA testing as well as proper handling and shipping of the sample.

In order to find the U.S. embassy in your relative’s country, visit www.uscis.gove/portal/site/uscis. You may also find this information at If you want to find out if there are acceptable agencies in this country, you can generally find a list through a legitimate DNA testing facility in NYC.Best DNA Testing NYC2. jpeg

If you have any questions, contact AABB DNA Testing and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

AABB DNA Testing is in Full Compliance with New Immigration DNA Testing Regulations

As of January 2012, there were new rules and regulations put in place regarding immigration DNA testing. AABB DNA Testing is in complete accordance with all DNA testing procedures in New York and the United States, especially with regard to immigration DNA tests.

While we are in compliance with these immigration DNA testing regulations, that doesn’t mean that all DNA testing centers in New York City are. That’s why it’s important to realize that new rules and regulations went into effect in January 2012 so that you can protect yourself and choose the right DNA testing facility for your immigration application requirements.

What Happens if a Facility is Not in Compliance?

If a DNA testing facility in New York is not in compliance with the new federal regulations, this could mean that DNA tests you undergo when sponsoring a family member for permanent visa in the United States may be denied by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. If the DNA test results are not accepted by the USCIS, this could delay approval of a permanent visa for your family member(s) for a number of years.

While we at AABB DNA Testing are more than capable and willing to fulfill your immigration DNA testing requirements, no matter which agency you choose, we just want you to make sure that they are current and follow the new rules and regulations that went into effect in January 2012 so that your visa application process can move forward without delay.

If the USCIS Requests DNA Testing for Immigration that Has Already Been Completed, This May Not be an Error

uscis-DNA-testing-for-immigrationAt AABB DNA Testing, we have seen too many cases in which U.S. citizens who are sponsoring loved ones to obtain entry into the United States because of problems with DNA testing for immigration purposes. One of the simplest and most avoidable mistakes is that sponsors incorrectly assume that a request for DNA tests on family members who have already been tested is inaccurate.

There could be a number of reasons why the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services requests the tests to be conducted a second time. When a sponsor operates under the assumption that it’s an error on USCIS’s part, this can set back the application process for years.

If you have already conducted a series of DNA tests in NYC for immigration reasons, and you believe the repeat request is being made in error, contact the USCIS immediately to clarify the issue.

At AABB DNA Testing, we take DNA testing in NYC seriously and professionally and want our clients to achieve the goals and dreams of bringing their loved ones here to the United States to be with them. DNA testing for immigration can be a time-consuming and seemingly tedious process, but when your loved ones are here with you, it will all be worth it.

We urge you to contact the USCIS with any questions regarding repeat test requests.

DNA Testing in New York City for Immigration Purposes

DNA testing for immigration 01DNA testing for immigration 03

DNA Testing for Immigration

DNA testing performed in New York City can be an important asset for immigration procedures. When a legal U.S. citizens petitions to have a family member be granted a permanent visa to immigrate to the United States, they are often required to have legal documentation proving the familial relationship. However, for many immigrants, these documents are either extremely difficult or impossible to come by. That’s when DNA testing becomes an integral part of the process.

The Process of DNA Testing in New York City

If you are applying to have a family member be granted a permanent visa, but the documentation doesn’t exist to support the relationship, your next recourse is DNA testing in New York City.

Make sure that you receive all of the appropriate paperwork from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services department. The next step is to find a DNA testing facility in New York City. This facility will collect your DNA and then arrange for your family member abroad to either work with an affiliate agency in their home country, or rely on the United States embassy to collect their DNA sample.

DNA testing for immigration 04Fees for DNA testing in New York City will vary, but the most important aspect is to find a reputable agency with many years of experience with DNA testing for immigration purposes to ensure that you have the best chances for receiving the permanent visa for your family member.

DNA testing for immigration purposes has become an important aspect of the immigration process. When you require DNA testing in New York City for this purpose, you are certain to find great service and reliability with AABB DNA Testing.