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We are open on evenings & holidays!

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Category Archives: Immigration to USA

From Your Country to US Citizenship: The DNA Testing for Immigration Process

What is the DNA testing for immigration process? Embarking on the path to U.S. citizenship is a profound milestone for many immigrants. In New York City, a melting pot of cultures, DNA testing has emerged as a pivotal component in substantiating familial ties that are fundamental to the immigration process. For those navigating this journey, understanding the specific steps and how DNA testing fits into the larger picture is crucial.

DNA Testing for Immigration Process

Step 1: Understanding the Immigration Requirements

Before DNA testing even comes into play, it’s essential to understand the requirements for immigration to the U.S. These can vary depending on your situation — whether you’re joining family, seeking employment, or looking for asylum, each path has its own set of criteria and paperwork.

Step 2: The Role of DNA Testing in Your Immigration Application

When it comes to family-based immigration, proving the biological relationship between a petitioner (a legal U.S. resident or citizen) and a beneficiary (the individual seeking to immigrate) is paramount. This is where DNA testing becomes indispensable, especially when birth certificates and other documentation are unavailable or insufficient.

Step 3: Initiating the DNA Testing Process

If the USCIS or a U.S. embassy has requested a DNA test, the process will typically unfold as follows:

Contact a DNA Testing Facility: Begin by reaching out to an experienced DNA testing facility like AB DNA Testing Services © in Queens, NY, which ensures that the testing and results will be accepted by the USCIS and other government entities.

Scheduling the DNA Sample Collection: Once you’ve engaged with a testing service, they will arrange a sample collection appointment. It’s crucial that this collection be performed by an impartial third party to maintain the chain of custody.

Sample Collection and Analysis: During your appointment at AB DNA Testing Services ©, a buccal (cheek) swab will be used to collect DNA samples in a non-invasive manner. These samples are then securely sent to the lab for analysis.

Step 4: Legal and Secure Handling of DNA Testing Results

After the laboratory has analyzed the DNA samples, the results are sent directly to the immigration authorities to ensure the integrity of the process. At no point are the results handled by the applicants, which helps maintain the legal chain of custody.

Step 5: Completing Your Immigration Application

With the DNA test results in hand, the immigration authorities will complete the assessment of your relationship to the petitioner. If the DNA test confirms the claimed biological relationship, it becomes a significant piece of evidence to support your application for a visa, green card, or citizenship.

Step 6: The Decision and Your Journey to Citizenship

The final decision on your immigration application will be made by the USCIS or the relevant U.S. embassy or consulate. If approved, you can proceed with the remaining steps toward obtaining your visa or green card, and eventually, U.S. citizenship.

DNA Testing for Immigration Process: Choose AB DNA Testing Services

AB DNA Testing Services © in Queens, NY, stands ready to assist with every aspect of the DNA testing process for immigration. Our expertise and commitment to providing confidential, fast, and accurate results make us an integral partner in your path to citizenship.

Begin your journey with a trusted partner:

AB DNA Testing Services ©
63-11 Queens Boulevard
Woodside NY 11377
Phone: 718-701-0292

DNA Testing For Immigration Processes: Uniting Families in Queens

For those immigrating to America, how does DNA testing for the immigration processes work? The diverse community of Queens, NY, often dubbed the crossroads of the world, is no stranger to the complexities of the immigration process. In the quest to unite families across borders, DNA testing has emerged as a cornerstone, offering definitive proof of biological relationships and smoothing the path to family reunification.

DNA Testing For Immigration Processes

The Role of DNA Testing in Immigration

DNA testing in the context of immigration serves as a powerful tool to verify familial ties, which are a crucial element in many immigration applications. Immigration authorities often require concrete evidence to establish the authenticity of claimed relationships when documents are missing or insufficient. This is where DNA testing becomes invaluable.

Navigating the Legal Landscape with Genetic Proof

The legal requirements for family-based immigration petitions can be stringent. Applicants often face the challenge of substantiating their claims of kinship in a legal context. DNA testing meets this challenge by providing indisputable evidence of biological relationships, whether it’s for parental, sibling, or other familial connections.

Why Choose AB DNA Testing Services in Queens?

Located in the heart of Queens, AB DNA Testing Services© specializes in providing accredited DNA testing for immigration purposes. Our facility understands the sensitive nature of immigration proceedings and the importance of quick, accurate, and confidential results.

Comprehensive Support for Diverse Immigration Needs

Whether you’re bringing a relative to the U.S. or validating a family relationship for visa applications, our DNA testing services cover all your needs. We ensure the DNA collection process is conducted as per the stringent regulations set by immigration authorities, thereby upholding the integrity of your application.

The Process: Simple, Fast, and Accredited

The process of DNA testing for immigration with AB DNA Testing Services© is streamlined for your convenience. We ensure that all samples are handled with the utmost care and confidentiality, and we facilitate the coordination with consulates and embassies as needed.

Fostering Reunions, Building Futures

The emotional toll of family separation can be immense, and the anticipation of reunification can be equally overwhelming. By providing reliable DNA testing services, we strive to lessen the burden on families and expedite the reunion process. Each successful test is a step toward a brighter, more secure future for families in Queens and beyond.

Best DNA Testing For Immigration Processes Queens BK BX NYC 2024

A Partner in Your Immigration Journey

At AB DNA Testing Services©, we are more than a testing facility; we are a partner in your immigration journey. Our dedicated team provides support and guidance throughout the entire testing process, ensuring that you understand each step and what is required for a successful outcome.

Connect With Us for Trusted DNA Testing Services

We stand ready to assist you with state-of-the-art DNA testing services that can help turn the dream of family reunification into a reality. If you are in Queens or the surrounding areas and need DNA testing for immigration purposes, reach out to AB DNA Testing Services©.

Contact us today and take the next step in bringing your family together:

AB DNA Testing Services ©
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Immigration to the USA Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about moving to the USA permanently? Here are some frequently asked questions that you should read before applying for immigration:

What is a Green Card?

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a green card to someone as a declaration that they are a lawful permanent resident. A person with a green card has the authorization to work and live anywhere in the United States. The green card may expire after 10 years. However, there is a conventional green card that you need to replace in the first two years. You will receive a conventional green card on marriage-based or investment immigration.

Immigration to the USA Frequently Asked Questions: What is USCIS?

USCIS or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services come under the U.S. Department of Homeland security. This is a government agency that regulates the legal immigration of foreign nationals. USCIS approves green cards, travel permits, work permits, naturalization, and other legal documents for immigration to the U.S.

Who is a Lawful Permanent Resident?

Who is a lawful permanent resident is a common immigration to the USA frequently asked questions. This is is an individual who receives a green card. These cardholders are foreign nationals, but they have the permission to work and live in the United States as any other resident. They can apply for U.S. citizens and offer sponsor for their relatives for immigration.

Who is a Conditional Permanent Residence?

A conditional permanent resident holds a green card for two years. To remove the conditions from their card, a green card holder should file Form I-751. Once they qualify, they will receive a permanent green card. In most cases, people who marry a green card holder receive a two years conditional card. After two years, they can apply for a green card.

What is the Reason for the Rejection of My Green Card Application?

The U.S. government may deny green cards for numerous reasons. A common reason for rejection is that there are mistakes on the application form. For instance, if your application form is incomplete and does not include one or more documents. Also, if you are not eligible or you don’t meet financial requirements, you will not receive a green card.

Can I Find a Job While Waiting for My Green Card?

If you have a valid working visa, you can work in the United States even after applying for permanent residence. However, without a working visa, you cannot work as a green card applicant. You can fill Form I-765 to obtain a working visa.

When Should I Apply for Green Card after Marriage?

You must wait for 10 to 38 months to apply for a green card. The duration depends on the resident status of your spouse. If the spouse is a green card holder you have to wait longer. However, if you are married to a U.S. citizen, you can submit the form earlier.

Which Documents Should I Submit with My Marriage Green Card?

The attachment of the documents depends on your current condition. However, you will generally attach the resident status of your spouse. You should also put together evidence proving that the marriage is not a fraud, a copy of the marriage certificate, and the financial status of the sponsoring spouse.

What is the difference between a Temporary and Fiancé Visa?

Fiancés of U.S. citizens living outside the country will receive a fiancé visa. This is a temporary visa and is only eligible for someone who is getting married within 90 days after arriving in the country. On the other hand, a marriage green card is for the spouse of a person with a U.S. green card or U.S. citizenship.

How Much Time Does it Take to Receive a Green Card?

After submitting your application for a green card, you need to wait for about 10 months to more than three years. The duration depends on the method you choose to receive a green card. The process of each type of green card is different. For instance, if applying for a marriage green card with a U.S. citizen as your sponsoring spouse, it may take as little as 10 months.

Is it Necessary to Get DNA Testing During the Immigration Process?

DNA testing for immigration is a process in which the laboratory collects your DNA samples and compares the result with your sponsor. The immigration office will ask for additional evidence if they think that your documentation is not enough to prove the relationship. For DNA testing, always contact the laboratory regulated by the government. AB DNA testing is one of the few accredited laboratories in NYC.

Immigration to the USA Frequently Asked Questions : Conclusion

Do you want to take DNA testing to support your immigration application? Contact AB DNA testing for complete information. The professional team in this AABB-accredited laboratory will carefully perform the test. They will also help you understand the immigration process.

For further information, contact us today:

AB DNA Testing Services
63-11 Queens Boulevard
Woodside NY 11377
Phone: 718-701-0292
Fax: 718-458-9700



Bangladeshi Immigration to New York

Do you live in Bangladesh and want to immigrate to New York? Read this article to get essential information about the immigration process. New York City is a dynamic city in the United States and one of the most popular businesses, tourist, and entertainment destinations in the world. Many people dream about immigrating to New York City, but they have little knowledge about the process.

Bangladeshi Immigration to New York

NYC is an ideal place to settle with your family and start a new life. Numerous opportunities are waiting for you in this chaotic and perplexing city. If you have made up your mind to apply for immigration to the U.S., then you have made the right decision. However, the success of the immigration process is not guaranteed. Some people fail to understand the process, and they make mistakes. In this article, you will find some information that will help you get through the process successfully.

Bangladeshi Immigration to New York: What Should You Know?

Flag of Bangladesh | NY ImmigrationBangladeshi families immigrating to the U.S. is not a new trend. Many people visit the U.S. for various reasons. A common reason to visit the country is for job opportunities, especially considering that New York City is a business hub. It’s a dream for immigrants to reach the United States. Many Bangladeshi-Americans live a wonderful life in New York. They hold places in both the upper and middle class and have a reputed social status in society. In short, they live a sustainable life in the country.

If you are traveling to New York for the first time, you may need to work low-income jobs initially. Keep in mind that New York is a unique country with an abundance of unskilled jobs. So, if you want to start a new life, you need to get started with low-income jobs. But, you don’t have to worry about the income for very long. Gradually, you will make your way with a big booster as you get along with society. With time, you will understand which opportunities are suitable for you.

Bangladeshi immigrants in the U.S. usually work in I.T. companies because there is a boom in the I.T. industry in South Asia. You can also visit the country for educational purposes. When you will visit schools, colleges, or universities in NYC, you will notice massive diversity. This will encourage you to focus on your career and flourish with time.

Ways to Immigrate to New York

While going through methods for immigration, you will come across four common options. The NYC immigration office will approve your immigration process if you comply with these four options. These include job offers, investments, family, or school acceptance. Each method of immigration includes different processes and requirements. For eligibility, you need to accomplish all the requirements in time.

1.     Family Class Sponsorships

If your family already lives in the USA, you can easily apply for family sponsorship. In this process, your family member applies on your behalf and shares documents for verification. These documents include birth certificates or DNA testing results. You need to prove your relationship with the person living abroad. Once the immigration office approves your application, you can fly to NYC and start a new and prosperous life. If you want to consult a professional and credible DNA Testing facility for immigration to New York from Bangladesh, you can contact AB DNA Testing.

Bangladeshi Immigration to New York | DNA test

2.     Work Visas

If you want to visit the U.S. on a work visa, you should have a job offer. This will indicate that a company based in NYC is willing to hire you as their employee. In this case, the immigration office will offer you a visa for a limited time. Also, you won’t be an immigrant until the company you are working for applies for a green card on your behalf.

3.     Investment Visas

If you want to invest in the USA in view of earning profits, you should apply for an investment visa. According to the law, a business will qualify if it creates full-time jobs for about 10 US citizens in two years.

4.     Student Visas

While you are studying on a student visa, you cannot apply for immigration. But, once you graduate from the United States, your chances of successfully completing the immigration process will increase. If you didn’t apply for immigration, you could still stay in the U.S. on a work visa.

Bangladeshi Immigration to New York: Conclusion

Some legal procedures, such as immigration and VISA, require DNA documents. If you want to fulfill the requirements of the immigration process and want to get in touch with a reputable and certified DNA testing company, you can give us a call.

At AB DNA Testing Center, we offer different types of DNA testing under the regulation of the U.S. government. This makes us one of the few accredited AABB labs in the United States for Bangladeshi Immigration to New York. Give us a call for further information about immigration and other legal requirements.

for immigration to the USA

Click here for DNA Testing for immigration information in Bengali

The United States Citizenship & Immigration Services: History and Functions

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is the federal government agency that processes legal immigration applications. This agency comes under the regulation of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This organization ensures the security and safety of the homeland against terrorism and other threats. The USCIS performs various missions for DHS and administers the national immigration system to make it efficient.

History of United States Citizenship & Immigration Services

USCIS was established in 2002 under the Homeland Security Act. Since March 1, 2003, the agency has been performing responsibilities for the federal government, including immigration services. There are more than 200 USCIS offices in the entire world. Furthermore, it contains nine program offices, four directorates, and more than 19,000 employees. The main role of this agency is to process applications and petitions.

United States Citizenship & Immigration Services

Responsibilities of USCIS

The USCIS performs three major activities, including adjudication of naturalization petitions, adjudication of immigration petitions, and consideration of asylum and refugee. Other than that, a number of tasks fall under the USCIS’ authority. These tasks and services include change-of-status petitions, employment authorizations, and other immigration-related services. The agency directly manages all the payments and costs, including their processing functioning expense. However, there are fee charges that they manage indirectly, such as administrative overhead. Below, we will mention some activities that this department performs. Besides humanitarian functions, all the other activities include an associated fee.

1.     Immigration Adjudication

Every year, USCIS process more than six million petitions. Among those, five million petitions are temporary nonimmigrant status, and one million are permanent. USCIS includes a panel of judges that determines the eligibility of lawful permanent residents, immediate relatives, and other relatives of U.S. citizens. Furthermore, the agency also evaluates the immigration criteria for the family members of the employees working in U.S. businesses. Also, they make sure that these employees and family members fulfill all the requirements for immigration. The panel will also determine the eligibility of temporary visas for foreign nationals.

2.     Work Authorization

USCIS panel of judges also authorize aliens (foreign nationals) to visit the country. They will ensure that the aliens fulfill the agency requirements before traveling to the country. They will process the applications and approve them if applicants meet all requirements.

3.     Employment Verification

E-Verify or Electronic Employment Eligibility Verification program also comes under the supervision of USCIS. This program compares information from the employer with the data that employees enter in Form I-9. This tool confirms employment eligibility and records this information to the Social Security Administration and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. In simple words, this program ensures that employees have a lawful status for working in the United States.

4.     Fraud Detection and National Security

USCIS confirms the eligibility of the immigrants applying for a different status. They have the authority to approve and reject the application. If you fail to meet legal requirements, USCIS will reject the immigration application. USCIS also works with the law enforcement entities using two major divisions that are National Security at the agency and Office of Fraud Detection. These agencies work together and handle the individuals with petitions and applications that cause a threat to national security. Furthermore, they will determine the identity of systemic fraud.

United States Citizenship & Immigration Services History

5.     Civic Integration

USCIS also conducts training sessions and instructs new citizens about the responsibilities and rights to live in the US as immigrants. They will offer informational sources and tools so immigrants can adjust to the new country. For instance, they manage the Immigrant Integration Grants Program and Citizenship Resource Center’s website.

6.     DNA Testing for Immigration

USCIS also regulates the immigration application to identify the relationship between sponsors and applicants. They will check for critical documents such as birth certificates and other information. The purpose of these documents is to identify the relationship. However, when there is insufficient information about the relationship, the agency will ask for DNA testing. The DNA testing is performed in a listed laboratory. The authority will not accept the DNA test from any lab other than the ones accredited with AABB. AB DNA is a listed DNA testing center that performs tests with accuracy and professionalism.

Citizenship & Immigration Services: Conclusion

Are you a citizen or green card holder in the United States and want to sponsor your family member? You can consult with AB DNA testing Services for your immigration test result. When you contact our facility for a DNA test, we will help you understand the complete procedure. After that, we will keep track of all the processes and send reminders. Our highly qualified lab workers conduct tests in a safe and secure environment. That’s why we are one of the best laboratories in NYC.


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Call Today: 718-701-0292


Rules for Immigration to the USA & DNA Testing Requirements

What are the rules for immigration to the USA and the DNA testing requirements? Well, the first and foremost reason for a DNA test is that most people suggest it as a paternity test. A DNA test enables the family or an individual to determine with proof who the parent is.

Immigration to USA - DNA Testing Requirements

Of course, there are various other situations that demand and necessitate the availability of DNA test results. One of them is the need to submit DNA test results if you are immigrating to the US. Yes, DNA test samples are necessary to gain a visa for US immigration in certain conditions. In fact, DNA testing for immigration can allow you to attain some of the following:

  • US Citizenship Petition
  • US passport application
  • Consular Reports of Birth Abroad
  • Immigrant benefit after the establishment of family relationship inside the US

US Immigration DNA Testing

Let’s say you have a stated relationship (biological) in the US. But you lack the credible proof to support such a claim and gain an immigration visa. What do you do? In similar situations, DNA tests are the common recommendation of US immigration authorities.

In the event where you lack evidence for an immigration visa, the immigration office will suggest a DNA test. Subsequently, you will submit authorized DNA test results from labs accredited by the AABB. The immigration office will confirm your stated biological relationship with the resident(s) of the US through these results.

Regardless of the submission of DNA tests, it does not guarantee that the petitioner (i.e., you) will obtain a visa. In similarity, you have to pay the expenses in advance for the DNA testing or seek help from a beneficiary.

What Form of DNA Testing Does US Immigration Use?

Genetic/DNA testing is the most precise and largely existing method that utilizes modern technology to determine biological relationships. In the case of US immigration, the most common type of DNA samples is the buccal swabs. As in, they are the DNA samples obtained from the inside of the cheek or the mouth cavity.

Consequently, these DNA samples are the easiest to transport abroad (to the US) for testing. Additionally, they are highly appropriate for immigration applicants because they are painless and non-invasive.

Factors to Consider Before DNA Testing

Do you know the cautions you need to oversee when applying for DNA testing during an immigration process? Read on to learn about a few important things to keep in mind.

For one, the DNA testing facility, laboratory, or institution that you choose should be one that the AABB accredited. Unaware of what AABB is? Well, it is the world’s leading association that accredits institutions and DNA testing laboratories that provide healthcare services. AABB sets standards and rules that ensure the provision of safety to patients and donors while undergoing DNA testing. That is especially the case for US immigration visas.

However, you are only liable to undergo a DNA test along with your stated biological relative in the US. Moreover, you only have to do so when the US immigration office requests it. If you ignore the AABB accreditation and opt for a non-AABB accredited/third-party facility or vendor, they might reject your application.

Moreover, do not opt for an unsolicited DNA test result presentation to the US embassies or consulates. Why? Well, DNA testing is optional, and you should consider it only after a consular or immigration office’s recommendation. Being proactive and undertaking DNA testing without the immigration office’s authorization can result in them rejecting your application.

The Arrival of US Immigration Visa and DNA Test Results

The time frame for the confirmation of your test in the US for an immigration visa is rather prompt (usually within a week). However, the visa might not arrive as quickly as the DNA test results. Normally, it takes immigration applicants around 60 to 90 days (sometimes, several months!) before they get their visa.

Immigration to the USA- DNA Testing Requirements

Nevertheless, you can try to contact the US embassy, consulate, or immigration office to ask about your visa application. Eventually, the US immigration office will contact you to conclude and finalize your visa application. Remember, they will not disclose the lab results (DNA test results) directly.

Immigration to the USA DNA Testing Requirements: Conclusion

DNA testing and the immigration visa application process can feel hefty and tiresome. AB DNA Testing Services can help you with fast and reliable DNA test results. Why should you choose AB DNA Testing Services? Because we are AABB-accredited and certified to perform safe and cautious DNA testing while also ensuring prompt delivery of the test results.

Give us a call at 718-701-0292 to schedule an appointment or visit us at 63-11 Queens Boulevard Woodside, NY 11377. Learn more at our main website here.

India to NY Immigration

Are you looking for info regarding India to NY Immigration? Immigrating to the heart of the leading superpower, and one of the busiest cities in the world is a dream. There is just something about New York that makes people want to settle here. Despite the perplexing and chaotic nature of the City, there is no denying that it offers a flurry of opportunities for people to flourish.

India to NY Immigration

Moreover, the quality of life is unmatched for families and individuals looking to start a new chapter in their life. Many Indians across the country decide to immigrate to the US, and many eventually do. This is not to say that there is a hundred percent success rate when applying for immigration. Some people also fall short on their immigration process.

DNA Testing for India to NY Immigration: Overview

Indian immigrants are not new to the United States. There has been an inflow of Indian immigrants traveling to the US for different purposes. However, most of them go there looking for work opportunities. Ever since the 1990s, the growth of Indian immigrants living in the United States has been exponential. With a rate of 69.37 percent, they are one of the ethnic groups in the United States that are growing the fastest.

Life of an Indian in the USA

Many Indian-Americans in the US or New York live comfortable lives and belong to both the middle class and upper class. Regardless of their social status in society, all of them enjoy a high quality of life and wages that fulfill their fundamental needs.

Newer immigrants have to start with lower-paying jobs and fall into lower-income groups. The recently immigrated Indians have to take part in lower-paying jobs that may also differ from their occupation back home. This happens often, and they settle in big cities where there is an abundance of unskilled or lower-paying jobs. This is why a city like New York can be a big boost for people that need a push towards employment.

Many Indians that come to the USA have sound expertise and knowledge of technology. This is due to the booming technological advancements of South Asia. There are also a high number of students coming into the US for education purposes. Fortunately, the schools have programs that successfully integrate different cultures in the school’s community.

The year of an Indian student generally comprises of pre-requisite courses that they must take before they can focus their energy on their specific fields.  In the US, an Indian immigrant can explore across a wide variety of community colleges and universities, as well as private ones.

How to Immigrate to the US from India

Typically, you come across four main ways to find an immigration pass in the USA.  The channels through which you can apply for immigration to NY are family, job offer, school acceptance letter, or investment. Each has different eligibility requirements that you have to provide. To immigrate, you must meet all the requirements on time.

Family Class Sponsorships

If you have family already living in the USA, then you can apply for a NY visa by family sponsorships. For this process, you may have to prove to the immigration office about your blood relation with the family in the US. Due to this, DNA test reports are the primary requirements, along with identity documentation.

Work Visas

This applies to you if you have a job offer that allows you to work in the USA for a specific amount of time as a non-immigrant. However, some jobs also allow you opportunities to apply for a green card while you work there.

DNA Testing for India to NY Immigration

Investment Visas

This visa application calls out to investors looking to make a profit from business ventures in the USA.

Student Visas

Student visas do not promise an immigration outcome, since you cannot apply for a green card during your visit as a student. However, once you graduate from the United States, your chances of acceptance for the immigration process or work visas increase.

Genetic DNA Testing for Immigrant Visa

DNA testing is an incredibly useful tool for applying through a family invitation process. It can ultimately put a stamp on the credibility and authenticity of your relationship with relatives in the USA. With Genetic testing, you can provide evidence of paternal, maternal, or sibling relationship to the immigration office, especially when you lack other credible documentation that gives proof of blood.

The visa offices accept DNA testing as a non-documentary method that proves biological relationships. Despite its legitimacy, you should only opt for it if you apply for a family sponsorship and lack the complete documentation that gives proof of relationship.

India to NY Immigration: Conclusion

Having a DNA document is crucial for a variety of legal procedures, including VISA and immigration. If you are looking for an authentic and certified VISA service in New York, then visit us at AB DNA Testing Services.

We offer a variety of DNA testing services that you can use for immigration DNA testing requirements. Visit our website for more information or call us at 718-701-0292.

Immigrating to the USA: The Process

What is the process of immigrating to the USA? Thousands apply for immigration to the USA each day. Considering the increasing amount of applications to the country, it is only fair to say that not all of them succeed. Some travel to the USA for a short time, while others come with intentions of a green card. This article lays down the basics of the immigration process.

Keep in mind that the purpose of your visit plays a big part in determining which process you will have to go through. This is because each process comes with different requirements and eligibility criteria, whether you wish to find work in the USA or wish to reunite with your family living in the states.

Difference between a Visa and Green Card

The primary difference between a green card and a visa depends on the duration of your stay in the US. If you have a non-immigrant visa, then your stay is temporary. Meaning, that you have to provide the visa office with your return dates. This proves to the border agents that you have no intentions to abandon your home country before you enter the United States. Additionally, you can also renew the non-immigrant visas to extend your stay in the country.

On the other hand, a green card declares permanent residence in the USA. With a green card, you have the right to stay in the country for as long as you want. Moreover, it also opens up your options for citizenship in the country. For this reason, acquiring a green card is much more difficult than getting a visa. Each year, the United States Government issues a limited amount of green cards up for the taking. Each of those green cards is also limited to different countries. People belonging to a country that the green card does not cover have to go through an extensive waiting time.

Immigrating to the USA - The Process

Immigration Options

When you search through the different immigration options for the United States, you will find that there are many options available. The wide variety of options plays to your favor as each of the options has specific requirements that are particular to each class of people and purpose.

This means that your chances of falling into the requirements are high, making you eligible for the immigration process for at least one of those categories. Most visa applications of the USA require someone on your behalf to petition for you. This can either be an employee or a family member.

Visas can include either the J-1 or the O-1 visa. Few visas, such as the EB-1A visa allows you to make a petition for yourself for the visa application.

Temporary Visa Options

Some of the visa options available for immigration are most viable for short-term visits and leisure activities in the United States.  Your reasons could also include conducting a study or working on a project.

B-1 Visa

A B-1 visa has everything to do with business-related activities. It allows you to visit the USA for business meetings, conferences, or board meetings. You can also get this visa to engage with your customers if you have a business that you run overseas from your home nation.

Process of Immigrating to the USA

F-1 Visa

This visa is ideal for students that want to study in the United States and get a degree, whether it is a master’s degree, bachelors, or PhD. It is mostly a study visa but also allows you to work in some cases.

Options for Family

If you happen to be a family member of a US citizen or someone that is a permanent resident in the country, then they can sponsor your US visa. This largely depends on whether the sponsor is indeed a US citizen, and how close of a relative you are by blood.

The age of the sponsor is also a factor that plays a part, for example, sibling sponsors should at least be 21 years old, and the same applies to parents. Furthermore, green card holders can also sponsor unmarried spouse that can enter the USA for marriage purposes.

Premium Processing

For some visas, you have the availability of premium processing. This type of process reduces your wait time, which means that you do not have to wait for years after applying for your visa. However, you have to pay a hefty premium-processing fee if you want to make things quick.


Applying for US immigration comes with plenty of paperwork. You have to provide the immigration officers and VISA issuers with plenty of documentation. This includes all the documents that prove your identity, including your pictures. If you apply for the family sponsorship type visa, then you may even have to provide them with a DNA test, which proves your relationship with your family or spouse.

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