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We offer New York’s BEST AND MOST AFFORDABLE DNA TESTING with a full range of services to verify family relationships.

All Specimen Collectors Are AABB Certified

Our staff members have undergone AABB Relationship Testing Collection Training and Certification and are AABB registered sample collectors for relationship testing purposes and are included on the list of qualified collection suppliers given quarterly to AABB Accredited Relationship Testing Laboratories worldwide. AABB Certificates available to view on demand.

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We specialize in the following types of DNA tests:

• Paternity • Prenatal • Maternity • Grand-parenting • Sibling Relationship • Biological Relationship Studies • Twin Studies • Deceased Paternity • Forensic Testing • Child Identity Testing • Family Tree and Genealogy Testing


* NO HIDDEN COSTS – Collection kits, photography, and fingerprinting all included.



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Has your petition been denied? Did you miss your deadline?

Call us.  We have found that in many cases, our personalized service can overturn your denial. We will call the passport office or immigration dept. for you and plead your case over phone verbally.

90% of time they will revoke your denial, as long as you get the required information to them quickly.


63-11 Queens Boulevard
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63-11 Queens Boulevard
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We are open on evenings & holidays!

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AB DNA Testing Services offers a full range of DNA testing services using the most highly qualified AABB-Certified DNA testing laboratories in the country.

For New York residents, DNA testing has to be performed by a physician or legal entity (court, USCIS, US Embassy or Consulate).

AB DNA TESTING SERVICES offers a “One-Stop Shopping” service since we have a doctor on the premises who will perform the test. We are open 7 days a week, including weekends.

Prenatal DNA Testing • Immigration DNA Testing • Paternity • Maternity • Grand-parenting • Sibling Relationships • Biological Relationships • Twin Studies • Deceased Paternity • Forensic Testing • Child Identity Testing • Family Tree and Genealogy Testing

We are AABB registered DNA sample collectors. AABB certificates available on request.

Other doctors will charge a fee just for the office visit. We do not charge a fee for our on premises doctor visit. Save money and call for an appointment today!

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DNA Testing for Immigration in Queens: The Key to Your New Life in the USA

Queens, New York, often serves as the first American home for new immigrants; a mosaic of cultures and stories where the American dream begins for many. In this bustling borough, DNA testing has become a pivotal step in confirming familial relationships for immigration purposes, turning the hope of a new life into reality.

DNA Testing for Immigration in Queens 2024

DNA Testing for Immigration in Queens

Decoding the Immigration DNA Testing Process

DNA testing for immigration is a scientific method used to prove biological relationships in the absence of conclusive documentary evidence. It’s a process embraced by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and embassies worldwide to facilitate the verification of claimed family ties, which can be a decisive factor in immigration cases.

Why DNA Testing is Essential for Immigration

Immigration authorities require certainty; they rely on irrefutable evidence to grant family visas or citizenship. DNA testing serves this exact purpose by providing the most accurate proof of a genetic link between family members, thereby becoming a key to unlocking the gates to your new life in the U.S.

The Trusted Solution at AB DNA Testing Services©

At AB DNA Testing Services© in Queens, we specialize in providing DNA testing that meets all legal standards required by immigration authorities. With our accredited labs, experienced staff, and thorough understanding of immigration protocols, we offer a service that is not only reliable but also empathetic to the nuances of each individual’s story.

Fast, Accredited, and Confidential Results

Best DNA Testing in Queens New York 2024Understanding the urgency of immigration-related DNA testing and delivering results quickly without compromising accuracy or confidentiality is very important. Ensure that the company you choose for the DNA testing process is streamlined to ensure that you can proceed with your immigration application as swiftly as possible.

Navigating Immigration with Compassionate Support

Immigrating to a new country can be a complex and emotional journey. Recognizing this, our team offers compassionate support throughout the DNA testing process. We ensure that you feel informed, comfortable, and confident in the steps you are taking toward establishing your new life in the U.S.

AB DNA Testing Services©: Your Partner in the Immigration Pathway

Choosing the right partner for your DNA testing can make a significant difference in the immigration process. At AB DNA Testing Services, we pride ourselves on being that partner, offering guidance and support tailored to the unique needs of immigrant families in Queens.

DNA Testing for Immigration in Queens: Begin Your Journey with Confidence

If you’re about to start a new life in the United States and need DNA testing for immigration, let AB DNA Testing Services© be your first call. Connect with us to navigate this crucial step with ease:

AB DNA Testing Services
63-11 Queens Boulevard
Woodside NY 11377
Phone: 718-701-0292

DNA Testing For Immigration Processes: Uniting Families in Queens

For those immigrating to America, how does DNA testing for the immigration processes work? The diverse community of Queens, NY, often dubbed the crossroads of the world, is no stranger to the complexities of the immigration process. In the quest to unite families across borders, DNA testing has emerged as a cornerstone, offering definitive proof of biological relationships and smoothing the path to family reunification.

DNA Testing For Immigration Processes

The Role of DNA Testing in Immigration

DNA testing in the context of immigration serves as a powerful tool to verify familial ties, which are a crucial element in many immigration applications. Immigration authorities often require concrete evidence to establish the authenticity of claimed relationships when documents are missing or insufficient. This is where DNA testing becomes invaluable.

Navigating the Legal Landscape with Genetic Proof

The legal requirements for family-based immigration petitions can be stringent. Applicants often face the challenge of substantiating their claims of kinship in a legal context. DNA testing meets this challenge by providing indisputable evidence of biological relationships, whether it’s for parental, sibling, or other familial connections.

Why Choose AB DNA Testing Services in Queens?

Located in the heart of Queens, AB DNA Testing Services© specializes in providing accredited DNA testing for immigration purposes. Our facility understands the sensitive nature of immigration proceedings and the importance of quick, accurate, and confidential results.

Comprehensive Support for Diverse Immigration Needs

Whether you’re bringing a relative to the U.S. or validating a family relationship for visa applications, our DNA testing services cover all your needs. We ensure the DNA collection process is conducted as per the stringent regulations set by immigration authorities, thereby upholding the integrity of your application.

The Process: Simple, Fast, and Accredited

The process of DNA testing for immigration with AB DNA Testing Services© is streamlined for your convenience. Our AABB accredited lab ensures that all samples are handled with the utmost care and confidentiality, and we facilitate the coordination with consulates and embassies as needed.

Fostering Reunions, Building Futures

The emotional toll of family separation can be immense, and the anticipation of reunification can be equally overwhelming. By providing reliable DNA testing services, we strive to lessen the burden on families and expedite the reunion process. Each successful test is a step toward a brighter, more secure future for families in Queens and beyond.

Best DNA Testing For Immigration Processes Queens BK BX NYC 2024

A Partner in Your Immigration Journey

At AB DNA Testing Services©, we are more than a testing facility; we are a partner in your immigration journey. Our dedicated team provides support and guidance throughout the entire testing process, ensuring that you understand each step and what is required for a successful outcome.

Connect With Us for Trusted DNA Testing Services

We stand ready to assist you with state-of-the-art DNA testing services that can help turn the dream of family reunification into a reality. If you are in Queens or the surrounding areas and need DNA testing for immigration purposes, reach out to AB DNA Testing Services©.

Contact us today and take the next step in bringing your family together:

AB DNA Testing Services ©
63-11 Queens Boulevard
Woodside NY 11377

Non-invasive Prenatal Testing: The Future of Prenatal Care for Expectant Parents

What is non-invasive prenatal testing and what are it’s benefits? The path to parenthood is often lined with questions and uncertainties, particularly about the health and development of an unborn child. In Queens, NY, a hub of cultural diversity and innovation, expectant parents are turning to non-invasive prenatal DNA testing, a futuristic approach to prenatal care that offers extensive insights without compromising the safety of the mother or child.

Non-invasive prenatal testing NYC DNA Best

Understanding Non-Invasive Prenatal DNA Testing

Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), also known as cell-free DNA screening, is a cutting-edge method that analyzes small fragments of fetal DNA circulating in a pregnant woman’s blood. This advanced technique can reveal important genetic information about the baby from as early as nine weeks into pregnancy, providing a glimpse into the baby’s health that was not possible a generation ago.

The Advantages of Non-Invasive Screening

The primary advantage of NIPT is its safety. Traditional diagnostic methods like amniocentesis carry risks such as infection or, rarely, miscarriage. NIPT, however, simply requires a blood draw from the mother, making it a safer alternative for both mother and fetus.

Additionally, NIPT’s accuracy in detecting chromosomal abnormalities, including Down syndrome, Trisomy 18, and Trisomy 13, is remarkably high. This can alleviate or confirm concerns early in the pregnancy, allowing for more time to make informed decisions or to prepare emotionally and financially for the future.

prenatal testing for new parents queens NY NYC 2024Personalized Care for Every Family

In New York City, and especially in Queens where families come from an array of backgrounds, personalized care is crucial. At AB DNA Testing Services, we understand that each family’s needs are unique. We offer tailored advice and support throughout the testing process, ensuring that you feel informed and comfortable every step of the way.

How Non-Invasive DNA Testing Enhances Prenatal Care

Non-invasive DNA testing is more than a medical procedure; it’s a tool that increases the scope of prenatal care. It empowers parents with knowledge, facilitates early connections between parent and child, and helps medical professionals provide better, more personalized care.

For parents facing high-risk pregnancies or those with inheritable genetic conditions, NIPT provides a level of reassurance and preparedness that was previously unavailable. Moreover, the ability to detect genetic conditions early paves the way for interventions that can improve both short-term and long-term health outcomes for the child.

AB DNA Testing Services: Leading the Way in Queens

At AB DNA Testing Services, located in the heart of Queens, we are at the forefront of this technological advancement in prenatal care. Our commitment to non-invasive DNA testing means you have access to the latest developments in genetic screening, provided by a team of experts who are dedicated to your family’s health and peace of mind.

AB DNA Testing Services © : Start Your Journey with Confidence

Embarking on the journey of parenthood is one of life’s most significant events. With AB DNA Testing Services©, you can move forward with the confidence that comes from having the best in prenatal care technology at your fingertips. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to guide you, answer your questions, and provide the comprehensive support you need.

If you are in Queens and interested in non-invasive prenatal DNA testing, or if you simply want more information, please contact us at:

AB DNA Testing Services ©
63-11 Queens Boulevard
Woodside NY 11377

Prenatal DNA Testing: Early Genetic Insights with DNA Testing in Queens

In New York City and the surrounding areas, prenatal DNA testing has become an invaluable tool for those looking to gain early genetic insights into their unborn child’s health and well-being.

Best Prenatal DNA Testing NYC 2024

The Essence of Prenatal DNA Testing

Prenatal DNA testing is revolutionizing how we approach the health and development of babies before they’re born. By analyzing the genetic material in a simple blood draw from the mother, these tests can uncover a wealth of information about the fetus without any risk to the child. From identifying potential genetic conditions to offering a first glimpse at your baby’s genetic makeup, prenatal DNA tests are an integral part of modern prenatal care.

Why Consider Prenatal DNA Testing?

Expectant parents opt for prenatal DNA testing for various reasons, each as unique and personal as their journey. Some seek reassurance, some have specific concerns due to family history or age, and others are simply curious about their baby’s genetic traits. Regardless of the motivation, the result is the same: valuable information that provides a window into the baby’s health and future.

Addressing Health Concerns Early On

One of the most compelling reasons to consider prenatal DNA testing is the ability to detect certain genetic conditions early on. Conditions like Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, and sickle cell anemia can be indicated by these tests, giving expectant parents the chance to prepare—mentally, emotionally, and medically—for the needs of their newborn.

Navigating Choices with Confidence

The insights gained from prenatal DNA testing empower parents with choices. With accurate information at hand, you can make informed decisions about your pregnancy care, the birth plan, and any interventions that might be needed. These decisions are deeply personal, and having clear, early information can provide the clarity needed to make the best choices for your family.

Connecting with Your Unborn Child

Beyond the practical implications, prenatal DNA testing can also enhance the emotional connection between you and your baby. Knowing more about your child’s genetic traits can bring a sense of closeness and deepen the bond, even before they enter the world.

Our Dedication to Families in NYC

At AB DNA Testing Services, we’re proud to serve the families of Queens and New York City with sensitive, comprehensive prenatal DNA testing. Our experts are not just technicians; they’re compassionate professionals who understand the hopes and worries that come with pregnancy. We’re dedicated to providing clear, accurate results and the support you need to interpret them.

Join the Many Families Who’ve Found Reassurance

By choosing AB DNA Testing Services © for your prenatal DNA testing needs, you’re not just getting results; you’re gaining a partner in your journey. Our proven track record in delivering peace of mind to expectant parents is a testament to our commitment to excellence and empathy.

If you’re ready to gain the invaluable insights that prenatal DNA testing can provide, reach out to us at:

AB DNA Testing Services ©
63-11 Queens Boulevard
Woodside NY 11377

Discover the comfort that comes from knowing and the joy that follows. Contact us today, and take the first step toward a pregnancy journey filled with confidence and peace of mind.

Navigating Your Pregnancy with Confidence: How Prenatal DNA Tests Can Help

How do prenatal DNA tests help parents who are having a child? Pregnancy is a journey filled with joy, anticipation, and a fair amount of unknowns. For expectant parents, navigating this critical time with confidence is key. One of the most reassuring resources available to mothers-to-be is Prenatal DNA testing. This advanced medical technology provides insightful information that can guide, prepare, and empower families for what lies ahead.

Best Prenatal DNA Tests Testing NYC Queens 2023 2024

What is Prenatal DNA Testing?

Prenatal DNA testing analyzes the genetic information of a fetus to detect the presence of certain conditions that could affect a child’s health. This testing can be conducted through various methods, including non-invasive blood tests from the mother, which pose no risk to the fetus. These tests look for DNA fragments from the fetus circulating in the mother’s blood, offering valuable insights as early as the first trimester.

How Can Prenatal DNA Tests Help?

Early Health Insights

The foremost advantage of prenatal DNA testing is gaining early insights into your baby’s health. This type of testing can detect chromosomal abnormalities, such as Down syndrome, trisomy 18, and trisomy 13. With this information, parents can plan for medical interventions that may be necessary immediately after birth, or in some cases, even before.

Non-Invasive Peace of Mind

The non-invasive nature of modern prenatal DNA tests offers peace of mind without compromising the safety of the mother or the baby. Knowing that you can receive reliable results about your baby’s genetic health without any invasive procedures is a relief for many expectant parents.

Planning for the Future

Beyond immediate health concerns, prenatal DNA tests can inform parents of genetic traits that may have implications later in life, such as a predisposition to certain diseases. This knowledge can be a critical aspect of long-term health planning for the whole family.

Gender Revelation

While not a health concern, many families look forward to learning the sex of their baby as part of the bonding experience. Prenatal DNA testing can reveal the baby’s gender early in the pregnancy, facilitating an early connection and helping with preparations at home.

Choosing the Right DNA Testing Partner in New York

Choosing a local DNA testing service ensures personalized attention and care tailored to your unique needs. At AB DNA Testing Services, we offer the latest in prenatal DNA testing technology, administered by a compassionate team that values your privacy and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Services for Your Family

Our commitment to your family extends beyond prenatal care. We provide a suite of DNA testing services, including those for immigration purposes. We understand the significance of family, and our DNA testing for immigration can assist in uniting loved ones or verifying familial relationships for legal documentation.

Embark on Your Journey with Confidence

At AB DNA Testing Services, your journey into parenthood is ours, too. We are dedicated to providing the insights you need to approach your pregnancy with certainty and joy. To learn more about how prenatal DNA testing can add confidence to your pregnancy journey, please contact us at:

AB DNA Testing Services ©
63-11 Queens Boulevard
Woodside NY 11377

Connect with us today, and let us provide the support and answers you need during this momentous time in your life. Our doors are open, and our experts are ready to assist you with compassion and expertise.

The Benefits of Prenatal DNA Testing for Your Growing Family

Benefits of Prenatal DNA TestingWhat are the benefits of prenatal DNA testing? Welcoming a new baby into the world is an exhilarating time for any family. With the growing advancements in medical technology, expecting parents now have the opportunity to learn more about their baby’s health and genetic history than ever before. One of the most powerful tools available is prenatal DNA testing, and it offers a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond the baby’s genetic ancestry.

Understanding Prenatal DNA Testing

Prenatal DNA testing is a non-invasive procedure that can provide critical information about your baby’s health. This type of testing can be done as early as 10 weeks into the pregnancy and can reveal important details about genetic conditions, chromosomal abnormalities, and the baby’s sex.

Benefits of Prenatal DNA Testing

Early Detection of Genetic Conditions

One of the primary benefits of prenatal DNA testing is the early detection of genetic conditions. Early diagnosis of conditions such as Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, or Tay-Sachs disease allows for better preparation and early intervention. It empowers you to make informed decisions regarding your pregnancy and prepare for any medical treatments or support your child may need upon birth.

Peace of Mind for Expectant Parents

The anticipation of a baby can come with a fair share of anxieties, especially regarding health. Prenatal DNA testing can alleviate many of these worries by confirming that your baby is developing typically. For many parents in Queens, the reassurance that comes with a clean bill of health from a prenatal test is invaluable.

Preparing for Your Baby’s Needs

In cases where a genetic condition is detected, prenatal DNA testing gives you time to prepare. This could mean researching the condition, reaching out to support groups, arranging for special care, and mentally and emotionally preparing for the unique needs of your child.

Building a Connection with Your Baby

Aside from the medical benefits, prenatal DNA testing can also help you forge a bond with your baby. Learning about the baby’s genetic traits can create a sense of closeness and anticipation as you imagine who your baby will become. This bonding is essential not just for you, but for the entire family.

Why Choose a Local DNA Testing Service?

Opting for a local DNA testing service, like the one we offer at AB DNA Testing Services in Queens, NY, ensures you receive personalized care and support throughout the process. Our team understands the local community and its unique needs, making us an ideal choice for your prenatal DNA testing services.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive DNA testing services that extend beyond prenatal care, including DNA testing for immigration. This is particularly valuable in Queens NY, one of the most ethnically diverse urban areas in the world, where families often need to verify relationships for immigration purposes.

Our Commitment to Your Family

At AB DNA Testing Services, we are committed to providing accurate, confidential, and compassionate service. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology to ensure the best results for you and your growing family.

Benefits of Prenatal DNA Testing: Get in Touch with Us

Expecting parents, or those planning to start a family, are welcome to contact us to learn more about the benefits of prenatal DNA testing. Our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

If you’re in need of Prenatal Paternity DNA testing, we are here to assist you. Feel the comfort of knowing more about your baby’s genetic health and parenthood.

AB DNA Testing Services ©
63-11 Queens Boulevard
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Contact Us

Allow us to be a part of your journey into parenthood with the clarity and confidence that only DNA testing can provide. Contact us to schedule an appointment, and let’s explore the wonders of your baby’s genetic story together.

Legal DNA Testing: Understanding the Role of DNA Tests in Criminal Investigations and Forensic Science

How does legal DNA testing work? Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a molecule that contains the genetic instructions for building and maintaining an organism. DNA is found in every cell of the body, and it is unique to each individual. This makes DNA a powerful tool for law enforcement, as it can be used to identify suspects and link them to crimes.

legal DNA testing NYC 2023 2024

How Does DNA Testing Work?

DNA testing works by comparing the DNA of a suspect to the DNA found at a crime scene. If the DNA matches, it provides strong evidence that the suspect was at the scene of the crime. DNA testing can also be used to exclude suspects from a crime, as no two people have the same DNA.

What Types of DNA Tests Are Used in Criminal Investigations?

There are a variety of DNA tests that can be used in criminal investigations. Some of the most common types of tests include:

* STR testing: STR stands for short tandem repeats. STRs are short sequences of DNA that are repeated multiple times in a row. STR testing is a very accurate way to identify individuals, and it is the most common type of DNA test used in criminal investigations.

*Y-STR testing: Y-STR testing is a type of DNA testing that looks at the DNA found on the Y chromosome. The Y chromosome is passed down from father to son, so Y-STR testing can be used to identify male suspects.

* mtDNA testing: mtDNA stands for mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrial DNA is passed down from mother to child, so mtDNA testing can be used to identify female suspects.

* CODIS testing: CODIS stands for Combined DNA Index System. CODIS is a database of DNA profiles from convicted offenders and crime scene evidence. CODIS is used to link crimes and identify suspects.

How Effective Is DNA Testing in Criminal Investigations?

DNA testing is very effective in criminal investigations. In fact, DNA evidence has been used to solve thousands of crimes, including murders, rapes, and assaults. DNA evidence is also being used to exonerate people who have been wrongfully convicted of crimes.

Is DNA Testing Legal?

The use of DNA testing in criminal investigations is legal in the United States. However, there are some restrictions on how DNA testing can be used. For example, DNA testing cannot be used to discriminate against people based on their race or ethnicity.

Contact Information

If you are interested in learning more about legal DNA testing, please contact AB DNA Testing Services ©. We are a leading provider of DNA testing services in NYC, and we can help you understand the role of DNA tests in criminal investigations and forensic science.

To learn more about AB DNA Testing Services © and to get started, please visit our website or call us today.

AB DNA Testing Services ©
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DNA Testing Requirements for Immigration from a Foreign Country into the USA via New York City

DNA Testing Requirements for ImmigrationWhat are the DNA testing requirements for immigration to the USA? The United States is a nation of immigrants, and the process of immigrating to the United States can be complex and time-consuming. One of the requirements for immigrating to the United States is DNA testing. DNA testing is used to verify the identity of immigrants and to ensure that they are not related to anyone who is inadmissible to the United States.

Who Needs DNA Testing for Immigration?

Not everyone who is immigrating to the United States needs to have DNA testing. However, certain categories of immigrants are required to have DNA testing, including:

* Applicants for Adjustment of Status (AOS) who are applying for family-based immigration
* Applicants for Adjustment of Status who are applying for employment-based immigration
* Applicants for immigrant visas who are applying at a U.S. consulate outside of the United States
* Applicants for refugee status
* Applicants for asylum

How to Get DNA Testing for Immigration

There are a number of different ways to get DNA testing for immigration. One option is to go to a local doctor or laboratory that offers DNA testing. Another option is to order a DNA testing kit online. Once you have your DNA sample, you will need to send it to a laboratory that is approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The Cost of DNA Testing for Immigration

The cost of DNA testing for immigration varies depending on the laboratory that you use. However, the average cost of DNA testing for immigration is $200-$300.

The Timeline for DNA Testing for Immigration

The timeline for DNA testing for immigration varies depending on the laboratory that you use. However, the average timeline for DNA testing for immigration is 2-4 weeks.

Contact Information

If you are interested in learning more about DNA testing requirements for immigration, please contact AB DNA Testing Services today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and help you get started.

AB DNA Testing Services ©
63-11 Queens Boulevard
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Ethnicity DNA Testing Services

Is there such a thing as ethnicity DNA testing services? Have you ever wondered about your ethnic heritage? Where did your ancestors come from? What cultures and traditions are a part of your genetic makeup? If so, you’re not alone. Many people are interested in learning more about their ethnic heritage, and DNA testing can be a great way to do it.

Ethnicity DNA Testing Services Queens NYC

What is DNA testing?

DNA testing is a process that can be used to determine the genetic makeup of an individual. This information can be used to learn about a person’s ancestry, health, and even behavior.

How does DNA testing work for ethnicity?

DNA testing for ethnicity works by comparing the DNA of the individual being tested to the DNA of people from different ethnic groups. The results of the test can then be used to determine the individual’s ethnic makeup.

What can I learn from DNA testing for ethnicity?

There are many things you can learn from DNA testing for ethnicity. Some of the most common things people learn include:

* Your ethnic ancestry: DNA testing can be used to determine your ethnic ancestry with a high degree of accuracy. This information can be helpful for understanding your cultural background and for connecting with other people of your same ethnic heritage.

* Your genetic health risks: DNA testing can also be used to identify genetic health risks that you may be at risk for. This information can be helpful for making informed decisions about your health.

* Your physical traits: DNA testing can also be used to predict your physical traits, such as your hair color, eye color, and skin color. This information can be helpful for understanding your appearance and for making decisions about your appearance.

Where can I get my DNA tested for ethnicity?

There are many companies that offer DNA testing for ethnicity. You can find a list of these companies by searching online.

How much does it cost to get my DNA tested for ethnicity?

The cost of DNA testing for ethnicity varies depending on the company you choose and the type of test you order. However, most tests cost between $100 and $200.

Is DNA testing for ethnicity safe?

Yes, DNA testing for ethnicity is safe. The process does not involve any invasive procedures and there is no risk of harm to the individual being tested.

Ethnicity DNA Testing Services: Is DNA testing for ethnicity worth it?

Whether or not DNA testing for ethnicity is worth it is a decision that only you can make. However, for many people, the benefits of DNA testing outweigh the costs. If you’re interested in learning more about your ethnic heritage, then DNA testing may be a good option for you.

Are you interested in learning more about your ethnic heritage? If so, AB DNA Testing Services © may be a great option for you. AB DNA Testing Services is a leading provider of DNA testing services in NYC. We can help you determine your ethnic ancestry, identify genetic health risks, and predict your physical traits.

Call us today to learn more about ethnicity DNA Testing Services and to get started!

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