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Best Paternity DNA Testing

Where do you get the best paternity DNA testing? This type of DNA testing is highly accurate at detecting the biological father of a child. It can include using cheek swabs and blood tests to confirm the paternity of a child or even an older adult. For legal purposes, you must get a DNA paternity… Continue Reading

USCIC Requirements for Family Immigration into New York

What are the USCIC requirements for family immigration into New York? While applying for immigration, you need to comply with rules set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. One of these rules is to get a DNA test from an AABB-accredited laboratory. This test isn’t necessary in all cases. But, sometimes, the immigration… Continue Reading

Immigration to the USA Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about moving to the USA permanently? Here are some frequently asked questions that you should read before applying for immigration: What is a Green Card? The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a green card to someone as a declaration that they are a lawful permanent resident. A person with a green card has… Continue Reading

What is a Paternity Test?

What is a paternity test? If you have plans to get paternity testing in New York but have no idea what it is, you are at the right place. Paternity confirmation is a controversial and sensitive issue. In some cases, it becomes necessary to take the test. Many people who want to keep results confidential… Continue Reading

Genealogy Testing

Genealogy is a field of study to learn a person’s family history. Genealogy testing refers to DNA testing that involves using genetic DNA information to determine the lineage and pedigree of a person. Also known as genetic ancestry testing, genealogy testing includes examining and evaluating a person’s DNA variations to find clues that link them… Continue Reading

DNA Testing Requirements for Immigration to the USA

Immigration DNA testing for the US can comprise maternity, kinship, or a paternity test. The main purpose of this testing is to grant approval to a visa applicant to the US who already has relatives there. Note that the US Embassy and Consulate, which deals in immigration DNA testing, doesn’t regard distant relatives as close… Continue Reading

DNA & Genetics

Before understanding DNA and genetics and how they connect, you should know that the human body comprises 30,000 genes. In simple words, without genes, we wouldn’t have the genetic, physical features. Every person is different from others. It is because of the specific genes that are hereditary. (Source) You may resemble your other family members, perhaps… Continue Reading

Bangladeshi Immigration to New York

Do you live in Bangladesh and want to immigrate to New York? Read this article to get essential information about the immigration process. New York City is a dynamic city in the United States and one of the most popular businesses, tourist, and entertainment destinations in the world. Many people dream about immigrating to New… Continue Reading

DNA Testing: Can You Test For Ethnicity?

Is there DNA testing For ethnicity? Genetic testing is a personal decision. In fact, it is for those people who have an interest in learning their lineage through male and female ancestral lines. Although it is exciting to know your ethnic background and its mix, the decision to get the test done can be a… Continue Reading

What is DNA?

DNA refers to the deoxyribonucleic acid molecule, which contains vital instructions and data for organisms to develop. Nearly all living organisms have some type of DNA that guides the growth of their body through development and reproduction. DNA contains essential living information and is present inside nearly every cell, which passes down from generation to… Continue Reading