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Paternity DNA test in Queens, NYC

What to Do if You Require a Paternity Test Every year, there are many people that decide they want to have a paternity test carried out but they are not sure of the process they need to follow. There are various options available when it comes to paternity testing and the one that is right… Continue Reading

Reasons for DNA testing NYC

Why You Might Need DNA Testing There have been many advancements over recent years both in the world of technology and the world of medicine. This has helped us in many different ways including when it comes to DNA testing. The evolution of DNA testing means that these tests can now discover a range of… Continue Reading

DNA testing in NYC

DNA Testing: Frequently Asked Questions Over recent years, the worlds of medicine and technology have evolved hugely. The advancements we have seen in these fields have changed our lives in many ways and helped to make life easier in a variety of ways. DNA testing is one of the benefits that we have been able… Continue Reading

Preventing Disease through DNA Testing

DNA testing has been around for many years and has become invaluable in terms of providing us with a wealth of information. Many people associate DNA testing simply with paternity but there is so much more to this type of testing. One of the crucial areas in which DNA testing can help is to provide… Continue Reading

What Exactly is a Paternity-DNA Test and can it be Performed Easily?

Paternity-DNA Test A paternity-DNA test is performed to discover whether an individual is the biological father of a particular child or not. The process requires a small sample of bodily fluids or tissue extracted from both the boy and the potential father. It is also considered as the genetic fingerprint that forms our chromosomes and… Continue Reading

The DNA Testing Process – How Does Everything Work?

Before proceeding to how DNA testing works, it is better to learn what DNA is. Our DNA carries our complete genetic code. It determines attributes of a person such his eye color and other aspects of his personality. It is noteworthy here that every cell of our body from the heart to the skin or… Continue Reading

The Advantages of DNA Testing

DNA testing is also called DNA profiling, DNA typing and DNA fingerprinting. It is a procedure that helps in identification of an individual’s DNA. This recognition is done by using person’s bone, hair, blood, semen and other types of tissues. The DNA profiling determines biological relationships between children and parents. It accentuates risks of genetic… Continue Reading

Some Prominent Pros & Cons of DNA Testing

DNA testing has become a common a practice due to its accuracy and reliability. No doubt the technology can help in complex circumstances like paternity and maternity identification, discovering a genetic disease, or even finding your ancestors. It holds extremely sensitive and personal information. Although DNA testing provides 99.99% correct results, an error could occur… Continue Reading

Some of the Most Common Applications or Uses of DNA Tests

DNA tests are essential for a number of matters. The results of DNA testing can solve even the complicated of mysteries. It is helping investigators to solve a criminal case and at the same time, DNA testing is helping scientists and archeologists to uncover the secrets of the world. It is truly unbelievable what our… Continue Reading

Legal vs. Home Paternity DNA Testing

Paternity DNA testing is performed to clear doubts regarding a biological relationship between a father and son. People opt for it due to its accuracy. You can perform Paternity DNA test at home whereas a third party conducts the legal testing. However, the same technique is applied to analyze the taken samples. It is essential… Continue Reading