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AB DNA Testing Services 63-11 Queens Boulevard Woodside NY 11377 718-701-0292 Fax: 718-458-9700 We are open on evenings & holidays! Continue Reading

AB DNA Testing Services offers a full range of DNA testing services using the most highly qualified AABB-Certified DNA testing laboratories in the country. For New York residents, DNA testing has to be performed by a physician or legal entity (court, USCIS, US Embassy or Consulate). AB DNA TESTING SERVICES offers a “One-Stop Shopping” service… Continue Reading

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Haiti to NY Immigration

Is there alot of Haiti to NY immigration? Millions of people from different parts of the world immigrate to The United States for different purposes.  There is a large Haitian community spread throughout the US, especially in New York.  Haiti is a country suffering from great financial, environmental, and economic loss, and their people are… Continue Reading

Immigrating to the USA: The Process

What is the process of immigrating to the USA? Thousands apply for immigration to the USA each day. Considering the increasing amount of applications to the country, it is only fair to say that not all of them succeed. Some travel to the USA for a short time, while others come with intentions of a… Continue Reading

What Qualifies as Court Admissible DNA?

Court admissible DNA is the result that you can present in court as a form of evidence. Juries and lawyers consider DNA to be a reliable source of evidence. Under certain circumstances, this type of evidence can be undeniable and an integral part of a case. Court admissible DNA should meet  certain legal standards and… Continue Reading

What is in a DNA Testing Lab?

What is in a DNA testing lab? A scientist’s laboratory equipment is their toolset. If they do not have that equipment, they cannot perform DNA testing. The choice of testing equipment depends on the laboratory and the method they use for testing. Different laboratories may use different techniques. Some equipment is compulsory for a laboratory,… Continue Reading

What Is Forensic DNA Testing?

What is forensic DNA testing? DNA testing is essential for the research process. Various fields rely on DNA testing (for instance, forensic science, genealogy, agriculture, medicine, and many more). DNA stands for the term deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA helps human cells function properly. In fact, DNA is the blueprint that contains information for encoding proteins and… Continue Reading

What Is an Accredited DNA Testing Lab?

Before we get into the details about an accredited DNA testing lab, you need to understand what they are. By definition, accredited means recognition. And so, if a government body recognizes a running operation, it means that it maintains standard and displays competency. Without accreditation by an authoritative body, it is not possible to run… Continue Reading

What is AABB? Why Must DNA Testing Labs Have Their Accreditation?

People think about words like accuracy, high-tech, and reliability when they think about DNA testing. The truth is that DNA testing results are only accurate when they come from a professional laboratory. Without a government agency regulating DNA testing, consumers and laboratories depend on agencies such as the AABB. The AABB sets and holds laboratories… Continue Reading

Requirements for Immigration to the USA

What are the requirements for immigration to the USA? US immigration law is quite complex. For people looking to start a new life there, the system can seem confusing. Immigration law depends on a few principles. These principles include family reunification, admitting immigrants who can provide value to the economy, protecting refugees, and promoting diversity.… Continue Reading

Parents & Children Familial DNA Test

Do you need a parents & children familial DNA test? A familial DNA test allows law enforcement to find relatives of an individual they are looking to identify. They use a DNA database to match genetic information. When they fail to find the person through a DNA match, they use familial DNA and search for… Continue Reading

Is He The Father? Take A DNA Test

If you’re asking yourself “Is he the father?”, Then you should take a DNA test. Every day, people find their long lost family members or figure out that they were not living with their biological father. After knowing about their stories, you may be wondering how you can find your biological father if you never… Continue Reading