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AB DNA Testing Services offers a full range of DNA testing services using the most highly qualified AABB-Certified DNA testing laboratories in the country.

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DNA Testing for Immigration: The Key to Your American Dream

dna testing for immigration to americaThere are a number of ways that DNA testing helps with immigration to the United States. Here are a few examples:

  • Proving your ancestry: If you are applying for immigration based on your ancestry, DNA testing can help you prove that you are a member of a particular ethnic group. This can be especially helpful if you do not have other documentation to prove your ancestry.
  • Qualifying for family-based immigration: If you have a close relative who is a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, you may be eligible for family-based immigration. DNA testing can help you prove that you are related to your sponsor.
  • Qualifying for humanitarian immigration: If you are fleeing persecution or violence in your home country, you may be eligible for humanitarian immigration. DNA testing can help you prove that you are a member of a particular group that is at risk of persecution.

How to Get a DNA Test for Immigration

There are a number of companies that offer DNA testing for immigration to America. When choosing a company, it is important to choose one that is accredited by AABB DNA Testing Labs.

The process of getting a DNA test for immigration is relatively simple. You will need to collect a sample of your DNA, which can be done through a cheek swab or blood test. The sample will then be sent to the lab for analysis.
The results of your DNA test will vary depending on the company that you choose. However, most companies will provide you with a report that includes your genetic ancestry, your health risks, and your compatibility with other people.

The Cost of DNA Testing for Immigration

The cost of DNA testing for immigration varies depending on the company that you choose. However, the cost is typically between $200 and $500.

The Benefits of Getting a DNA Test for Immigration

immigration to usa 2023There are a number of benefits to getting a DNA test for immigration. Here are a few examples:

  • Ease the immigration process: DNA testing can help you prove your ancestry and qualify for certain immigration benefits. This can make the immigration process easier and less complicated.
  • Help you reunite with your family: If you have a close relative who is a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, you may be eligible for family-based immigration. DNA testing can help you prove that you are related to your sponsor, which can help you reunite with your family.
  • Help you escape persecution: If you are fleeing persecution or violence in your home country, you may be eligible for humanitarian immigration. DNA testing can help you prove that you are a member of a particular group that is at risk of persecution.

DNA Testing for Immigration to America: Contact AB DNA Testing Services ©

If you are thinking about immigrating to the United States, DNA testing is a great way to make the process easier. Contact AB DNA Testing Services © today to learn more about how DNA testing can help you achieve your American dream.

AB DNA Testing Services ©
63-11 Queens Boulevard
Woodside NY 11377
Phone: 718-701-0292
Fax: 718-458-9700

DNA Testing Requirements for Immigration to the USA

Immigration DNA testing for the US can comprise maternity, kinship, or a paternity test. The main purpose of this testing is to grant approval to a visa applicant to the US who already has relatives there. Note that the US Embassy and Consulate, which deals in immigration DNA testing, doesn’t regard distant relatives as close blood relations. Therefore, the kinship should be close to your lineage and parentage, such as your uncle, grandparent, son, brother, etc.

Immigration DNA testing

This method of testing ensures high accuracy in verifying family relationships. It becomes a necessary process once there is no source of credible document or proof to verify the relationship between the visa applicant and the beneficiary. In the US, different departments may require Immigration DNA testing. They include:

  • S. Embassy
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services)

Here’s what the Immigration DNA testing allows you to acquire in your biological relationship’s verification process.

  • Citizenship petitions
  • Immigrant Visa
  • S. passport applications

Why Would You Require DNA Testing for US Immigration?

DNA testing is the most accurate method of verifying biological relationships, especially for the immigration process. For some, passing the Immigration DNA testing can help families reunite. If the US immigration department finds any uncertainty or problem in the petition request, they may demand a DNA testing report.

This mainly occurs when a visa applicant goes for an immigration petition but doesn’t provide sufficient details and credible proof to verify their relationship with their kin in the US already. Therefore, immigrant DNA testing may be necessary to clear the information about the beneficiary and petitioner’s relationship. For countries where there aren’t credible birth certificates and several important documents, DNA testing for immigration is a must.

On the other hand, if you and your kin provide appropriate proof of your biological relationship as a petitioner or beneficiary, you may still need to pass the immigration DNA test. Staying calm in such situations is the best approach, as the test will surely pass if you aren’t committing any fraud.

Furthermore, with strict background checking and regulations, there isn’t usually any room for fraud in the immigration process. Combine that with the DNA tests, and you will have to go through a rigid immigration petition process. However, your focus should be the test results that will confirm your biological relationship with your beneficiary.

Types of DNA Sampling for Immigration

USA Immigration DNA testing services and information

While DNA testing is one of the most accurate biological relationship testing methodologies, it is now widely used for legal issues and processes. It is better and accurate than many other testing and relationship verification methods; DNA testing has various types.

The preferred technique to collect the specimen of the petitioner and/or applicant is through a buccal swab. This involves using non-invasive cotton swabs that easily collect DNA by gathering cells from the open mouth or cheek cavity.

It is the most common DNA sample collection method instead of the blood samples. This is because swabs are painless, non-invasive, comfortable, and easier to ship overseas/abroad. You should know that the DNA testing standards and reliability have crossed the average accuracy barriers by reaching matches of 99.99% accuracy. Surprisingly, the Consular officer in the US might not accept a DNA test result that has accuracy below 99.95%.

Requirements and Process of DNA Testing for Immigration to the US

The US Government and Immigration Department demand that you get DNA testing facilities and services of only AABB-accredited and certified testing labs. These are the only test results that are legally permissible. AABB accreditation requirement from the US government and Immigration office enforces higher testing standards, zero-contamination, and lower chances of inaccurate results.

These are a few simple steps that you may have to follow if the immigration office requires you or your family to provide DNA test results.

Initially, choose a DNA testing lab that is AABB-certified (American Association of Blood Banks).

The lab shall collect DNA samples of the parties involved and then perform tests with highly accurate values. Further, they will directly send the DNA kit to the US Embassy or Consulate. Upon receiving the DNA kit, the embassy will have an appointment with the applicant for their DNA sample.

The test results will directly reach the US Immigration office and the senior officials. Remember that mailing your DNA test results from home using at-home DNA testing kits will result in rejection and greater delays in the verification process.

Immigration DNA Testing: Conclusion

Being an AABB-accredited DNA testing facility, AB DNA Testing provides the most accurate & reliable DNA testing services. We offer not only DNA testing services for Immigration to and out of the US but also many other legal issues. These include paternity, maternity, and other types of DNA tests.

Without any hidden charges, we offer individualized attention to every applicant. What’s more, our experts have years of experience and knowledge in blood and DNA testing. Call us at 718-701-0292 for more information. Pay us a personal visit at 63-11 Queens Blvd. Woodside, NY 11377.


Reference Links:

DNA Testing For Immigration to the USA

What is the process of DNA testing for Immigration to the USA? There are various reasons for a person to go through DNA testing. From forensic samples to paternity testing, AB DNA Testing will help in fulfilling your testing needs. However, immigration is currently a hot topic. There are many benefits to immigration DNA testing. One of these benefits includes reuniting with your family in the US through genetic results. You can get results within three to four days. Therefore, you can take immigration DNA testing for various situations.

United States Citizenship Immigration Services

Unites States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS is an organization under the United States Department of Homeland Security. This agency handles duties for immigration purposes and safeguarding national security. Of course, the refugee application, processing the petitions for an immigrant visa, and many other tasks need a lot more attention. Most of the time, USCIS needs genetic proof of your relationship to enter the country. You will also have to accredit your results by an AADD laboratory.

What is the process of DNA testing for Immigration to the USA?

Information for DNA Testing

For a child born abroad to receive a United States citizenship, you must claim a biological relationship with them. Of course, you can only sponsor them if you are a US citizen and their biological parents. You can verify your biological relationship with your child without any evidence or any other relative through genetic testing. For an individual to receive citizenship, they must establish their relationship with their sponsor first. These relationships include child-father, child-mother child and half-sister and brother, child and full sister and brother. Other relationships also include parental grandparent, uncle, or aunt.

The government only accepts DNA testing for establishing a biological relationship. As the testing process is complex, expensive, and includes logistic delays, it is not the most viable options. Instead, this method is best when there is not enough evidence to prove the biological relationship, such as photos or documentation.

Type of DNA Testing Used

The most common technology used in DNA testing is Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) testing. This acid is accurate and is available for testing the biological relation throughout the US. The technique for collecting the samples is a buccal swab. This method involves placing a swab inside your mouth or cheek to collect cells through a long cotton swab. This technique is better than taking blood samples as it does not include pain, and you can quickly ship the samples.

Process of DNA Testing for Immigration

  • DNA testing can only occur after a recommendation by the United States consulate, embassy, or a domestic passport center or agency.
  • Petitioners or applicants must follow the instructions provided by the United States consulate, embassy, and the passport agency. Your result must also be from a laboratory accredited by AABB, formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks.
  • The petitioners or applicants should contact the lab accredited by AABB to start the testing process.
  • You should not use any other third-party laboratory or part and make any arrangements from them.
  • You can find the laboratory accredited by AABB through the list of Accredited Facilities published by AABB. This list will provide you the physical location of the headquarters of the laboratories.
  • The petitioners or applicants should have the ability to choose the lab from the list for DNA testing.
  • These laboratories will provide you information about where you should visit for dropping your DNA samples.
  • Many labs have various collection facilities and partners all over the United States of America.

Receiving the Results of the Test

  • The laboratory accredited through AABB will send the test results directly to the embassy of the United States. They may also send your results to the consulate or the domestic passport center. Depending on where you’re applying for an immigrant visa, CRBA, or US passport is pending, your results will go to any of these places.
  • All these departments will accept only those results that an accredited laboratory by AABB will send them directly.
  • Once they receive your test results, they will inform you or your parents to continue the application process.
  • Your immigrant visa, CRBA, or United States passport may require further approval even after submitting the samples of your DNA test.
  • A petitioner or an applicant can contact the laboratory accredited by AABB for receiving their copy of the result of the DNA test.

DNA Testing for Immigration to the USA


Applying for an immigration visa for the United States from abroad through a family member requires much documentation. One of the things that you will have to prove is your genetic relation with that person. The only method that the US embassy follows is through DNA testing for immigration. For DNA testing, you need to share your samples with a laboratory accredited by AABB. Once they share the result of the testing, you can continue the process of immigration.

AB DNA Testing will help you in performing the test for any purpose. We have expert technicians having experience in various DNA testing techniques such as Paternity or maternity testing, Forensic testing, Immigration testing, etc.

For further information, you can visit our website, AB DNA Testing or call us at 718-701-0292.

DNA Testing for Immigration to the USA from African Countries

Do you need DNA testing for immigration to the USA from an African country? People submitting form I-130 (petition for alien relative) have to go through DNA testing to prove their biological relationships as per the recommendation of The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). DNA testing for immigration has proven to speed up the process of application approval. The best way to confirm the biological relationship among two individuals to process applications for Immigrant Visa is DNA testing. Generally, it is not a requirement to take the DNA test but, in some cases, it can remove any doubts about the relationship of the two people in question.

AB DNA Testing provides the best DNA testing services for the families who need results of DNA tests for their application or immigration appeal.

How do we help?

We are the DNA testing service providers and help to facilitate individuals applying for immigration with their DNA test process. We present your case to the immigration department and help you find the certified lab and manage the appointment at the time and date that suit you. We monitor all the process and help you get the best service in DNA testing for immigration.


Your biological relative (US citizen), who will support you in immigration, contacts us regarding your case. He or she will share the details. We will contact the certified lab and call your relative for their DNA test. After the test, the lab will send that DNA kit to the Embassy where you live in Africa, and we will notify you as well as the Embassy. After sharing all the details with the embassy we will set your appointment with them for DNA collection. Collecting samples from mouth buccal swabs is a non-invasive and painless process with the guaranty of high accuracy. It is a simple procedure which includes inserting swab in your mouth and brushing it against the cheek side.

A physician will perform the process of collecting DNA samples in the presence of an American officer on the premises of the US Embassy in Africa. After the collection of cheek skin samples, the physician will pack the kit and hand over to the officer. Then the officer will send that kit back to the lab. Scientists in the lab will then extract the DNA from those cheek cells and perform the DNA tests. The lab will then share both results with the embassy.

DNA Testing Services in South Africa

We as a DNA testing service provider have a network to provide DNA testing in African countries. The doctors and labs that we recommend for collecting samples of DNA for child dispute and immigration cases are certified. Our service team helps in coordinating and confirming appointments with doctors with your convenience in mind. In most of the immigration cases, individuals submit their cases with a DNA test to show biological and certified evidence of their relationship. We help you in performing this process and applying for immigration with the right methods. The benefits that we provide you include the following.

  • We have priced our DNA tests reasonably for your convenience
  • We only use certified laboratories for all the tests with accurate and court-admissible results
  • We keep you in the loop through our team by coordinating and contacting the concerns throughout the process
  • We take the burden away from you of arranging and managing all the appointments and international shipments

DNA Testing for Immigration to the USA from African Countries: Conclusion

To legally confirm if you are genetically a biological relative to the person who is a US citizen when you are applying for a US visa or citizenship. Choosing the right laboratory is important. Looking for a lab that has certification with the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) is not easy. We do not involve any third parties in the testing process and ensure every result comes from an AABB recognized laboratory. The procedures and the responsibility of constantly keeping in touch with the embassies and labs can be a hard job. We have a team of experts to guide you through the process. Simply call us at 877-362-3200 and our immigration team will provide you with complete details of the procedure depending upon your situation.


63-11 Queens Boulevard
Woodside NY 11377
Phone: 718-701-0292

DNA Testing: Immigration Rules from African Countries

Immigration DNA test is for determining blood relations from a DNA sample. You might have to go for it over the request of the US Embassy. DNA test is the best means of proving the biological relationship between individuals to process Immigrant visa applications.

Normally, immigrants do not require a DNA test for their visa application. DNA tests are not a compulsion from the US consulate. However, you will have to have a DNA test for difficult adjudication cases.

DNA Test for Immigration: When it becomes necessary?

DNA transfers from generation to generation. People from the same ancestry share most of their DNA.  The closer you are to someone, the more your DNA is similar to theirs. This is the reason why DNA tests are in use for confirming blood relation when there are visa applicants for a family reunion.

The tests are commonly for identifying the following relations: parent-child, siblings, paternal and maternal aunt or uncles and grandparents or grandchildren.

DNA Test Can Detect Fraud

If the immigration officer finds any suspicion regarding the applicant’s claim, then they will probably ask for a DNA test. With a DNA test requirement, you as a petitioner cannot expedite any applicant other than your blood relative.

Immigration Rules from African Countries

If you want to call a family member from an African country, you first have to file a 1-130 Petition for alien relative. The relative alien form is necessary for all the immediate family members or other blood relations. Filing the petition is the first step for the visa application process to start.

The immigration officer will scrutinize the petition to make sure that your family members are eligible enough to come as immigrants into the country. The applicants should wait before they can apply for permanent resident.

The requirement of a DNA test for applicants in African countries is more common than other parts of the world. The reason is that people of third world countries have a lack of proper documentation regarding their births. Some people are unsure of their date and place of birth. Even if a petitioner claims to be parent, child, or sibling of the application, the immigration officer cannot overlook even the slightest of doubts or uncertainty regarding the details of birth.

There are situations where the DNA test results can shockingly deny the biological relationship. This could happen in the case of a hidden adoption case or misattributed parentage. Both the petitioner and beneficiary must keep in mind that in some cases, the biological relation can be disturbing. In such cases, consular affairs in African countries will not be able to help you out. Your immigrant application is most likely to meet a rejection in such cases. You must go through all the necessary information regarding your family to avoid discrepancy with the immigration application process.

What happens when you need to have a DNA Test?

When the US consulate asks you and the beneficiary to have a DNA test, then you must not refuse if you are not making any false claim. You must submit the buccal sample to an AABB accredited lab for highly accurate results. You will get the lab results within a week or two. If the test confirms biological relation, then the immigration application process is good to go.

If you wish to reunite with your family members in Africa and require a DNA Testing, then contact us at 866-494-8220. Visit our website to know more about how AABB Accredited Immigration DNA testing can help you expedite the immigrant application process in NYC.

Immigration DNA Test – What you need to know

Immigration DNA Test – What do you need to know? The application of DNA test has brought solutions in many areas where we had not imagined making use of it. DNA test is getting useful for visa and immigration applying processes. Immigration departments have made DNA test necessary for analyzing and assessing the immigrant applications for work and green card.

Understanding the DNA

To understand the usefulness of DNA test in the immigration process, you must understand the DNA first. DNA contains all the genetic material in your body. It contains genes as the basic unit of hereditary through which you receive the characteristics and qualities form your parents. DNA is present in each of the cells in your body. It is the unique blueprint that builds your genetic make-up. DNA codes everything from the color of your hair and eyes, skin complexion and type, to your blood type and allergies.

DNA has ribonucleotides. Ribonucleotides are of four types varying on the nitrogen base they have. Ribonucleotides have the  A, T, G, or C tags according to the type of nitrogen base they have. The gene sequence of your DNA reads as A, T, G, and C when your DNA profile goes through an analysis during the DNA test. The sequence of the DNA is unique to every individual, except for identical twins, making every DNA profile one of a kind.

Why Do Immigration Process have to use DNA test?

The fact the DNA is inherited makes your DNA very similar to that of your family members and other blood relations. A DNA test for immigration applications is comparative testing, which carries out the sequencing of two people’s DNA and sees if they have a relation.

A DNA test for immigration in such instances provides solid evidence for relations. A DNA test can easily stump over any fraud or false claims made in such cases.

Another thing you should know is that each country has its own regulations regarding immigration. Some countries allow immigration of immediate and extended family members, whereas some countries have strict laws allowing immigration of only immediate family members. Laws can also be specific about allowing spouse or parents.  A DNA test not only identifies the biological relatedness but also tells how close the two members are.

What happens when you have to go through a DNA test for Immigration?

Your immigration officer will ask you for a DNA test if they believe that the information and evidence you provide is somewhat lacking. A DNA test for immigration would fill in the gaps regarding any doubts or concerns the immigration department can have regarding you.

You will have to deliver either your buccal sample or blood samples. Most developed nations use DNA testing on a routine basis while analyzing the immigrant’s application

Final Thoughts

A DNA test is an accurate way of providing evidence of a claimed relationship for the immigration process. A simple DNA test might save you from unnecessary paperwork and inquiries when the immigration department finds anything suspicious over your claim.

AB DNA Testing Services are the best ones in New York. We an AABB accredited lab and will give you the most accurate results. We have a wide range of DNA testing services. We collect buccal samples making the experience pain free. We demand no referrals, and you will not be faced with any hidden charges.

If you have to get a DNA test for the immigration process, then contact us at 718-701-0292 and have a quick and smooth immigration process.

Why Do You Need a DNA Test to Immigrate to the USA?

Do You Need a DNA Test to Immigrate to the USA? Many people migrate to new countries to meet and live with their families. Immigration for family reunification has largely increased these days, and countries have to enforce stricter regulations in this regard.

Considering the country’s population and current situation, policies and law that apply to family reunification must provide a proper solution to an individual’s right to family life and the country’s right to control the efflux of immigrations.

Here, the DNA test comes as a solution. The use of a DNA test is now a part of the family reunification immigration process in developed countries to confirm the biological relationship.

DNA Test for Immigration in the US

The USIC (the United States Citizen and Immigration Services) recommends a DNA test for proving the biological relationship to many of those who have submitted 1-130 petition form. An immigration DNA test helps expedite the immigration process approval.

Immigration DNA Test commonly includes testing of the relationship between parent-child, siblings, step-siblings, grandson/daughter-grandparents,

Why is DNA testing Necessary for US Immigration?

A DNA test is the best means to prove biological relationships for the immigration process as per family reunification. The immigration department is most likely to ask for a DNA test if they have any doubts or concern regarding the information provided in the petition.

When there is a lack of evidence to prove the relation between the petitioner and beneficiary, the need for immigration DNA test will come without question. DNA test for immigration is highly recommendable for applicants from a specific country in Asia, Africa, or Latin America, where the birth certificate and other documents are either not available or doubtful.

But even if you and your beneficiary have proper proof and documents for the identity and biological relationship, you might still have to go for a DNA test. You must not hesitate from a DNA test if you are not doing any fraud or making a false claim.

Immigration DNA Test can Detect any Hoax

You have no chance of doing fraud regarding the immigration process with strict regulations and background checking. Especially with DNA test, you can make no false claims about your biological relatedness with the beneficiary. The DNA test will not only confirm or deny biological relation but also tell you how related you are with the applicant. This way, you cannot pose an extended family member as a close blood relative.

DNA Test for Immigration

If the US consulate requests a DNA test from you as a petitioner, you must go ahead with it. You should submit your buccal (inner cheek) sample to an AABB accredited lab. The lab will most probably coordinate with the foreign embassy who would receive the DNA sample of the applicant. You and your family member must wait till you receive the test results within a week or two.

If the test results confirm the biological relationship between the two of you, the applicant can continue with their visa application process.

AB DNA Testing

AB DNA Testing services can provide you with the most critical information regarding acquiring Immigration DNA test in NYC. If you need to get, an Immigration DNA test call us now 718-701-0292 or visit our website for more information.  

DNA Testing for Faster Immigration Application Approval

DNA Testing for Faster Immigration Application Approval

us-citizenship-immigration-services-dna-testing-new-york-02As many people know, immigration applications can be a real problem. These can be long-winded and cause a lot of stress for those that are making the applications. However, there are some things that may be able to help speed things along and one of these is to have DNA testing in the event that for I-130 has been submitted along with other relevant applications.

This is something that is recommended by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service because it will prove that you are biologically related to someone as part of the immigration process. According to statistics, this type of testing is able to speed up the whole process, which means that you could get your immigration application through faster and get approval far more quickly.

Finding a suitable lab for your immigration testing

If you want to speed up your immigration application through proving biological relationships, you need to find a testing center that can provide you with this service. When you are looking for a suitable DNA testing center for immigration testing, you should make sure you find one that:

  • Has plenty of experience: You need to ensure you choose a DNA testing center with plenty of experience when it comes to immigration DNA tests. This will help to ensure you get your results quickly and accurately from experts that have been carrying out this specific type of DNA testing for years.
  • Has a solid reputation: You need to ensure you use a DNA testing center that has a solid reputation when it comes to immigration DNA testing. You can look at online reviews from other consumers to determine what the reputation of the facility is like, as this will give you a much better idea of what to expect when it comes to speed, service, and accuracy.
  • Charges competitive fees: Another thing you need to consider is the cost of the service when you are looking for immigration DNA testing. This can vary from one facility to another. You should find one that charges competitive prices but does not sacrifice quality and service as a result.
  • Provides speedy results: You should also get an idea of how long you will need to wait for the results of your immigration DNA testing, as this can have an impact on the speed at which your application is processed and approved.

Find Out More from the Experts in Immigration DNA

If you would like to find out more about immigration DNA testing, speak to the leading DNA testing center in NYC today.

Powerful Reasons Why You Should Get Your DNA Tested

If diabetes runs in the family, there is a very strong chance that you too might fall prey to it in the future. However, to stay one step ahead, it will not hurt to get your DNA tested to find out whether or not you can or will show symptoms of a hereditary disease. And for that you should always rely on the best DNA testing center NYC. It may sound frightening, but knowing a bitter truth is always right than a sweet lie. The following powerful reasons will tell why you should get your DNA tested as soon as you can.

Chances of inheriting a genetic disease

Advanced medical research has confirmed that the risk of inheriting a genetic disease is very real and there are millions of people who really can’t do anything about it. But with this being said, alternatives and treatment associated with hereditary diseases have become a possibility as well. We just need to know whether or not we have been affected by a family health problem. For instance, if a family has a history of diabetes, the chances of inheriting it are more in next generation. You can get all the necessary information associated with family health through a DNA test via a DNA testing center in NYC.

Congenital diseases

Powerful Reasons Why You Should Get Your DNA TestedCongenital diseases can remain silent for the longest time – specifically metabolic and autoimmune problems. These diseases do not show any symptoms until you reach a certain age, which is indeed terrifying. It would be an unpleasant and a shattering experience to learn that you have an auto immune disease at the age of 35. For instance, celiac disease remains unnoticed until any severe health issues occur i.e. depression, anemia or worst – colon cancer. Unfortunately, it often gets too late until the person learns about his condition.

Make right decisions

Knowing the truth about your health may be a bitter experience, but it can save you. You should know everything associated with your health to live a quality life. The DNA test can help make the right decision. For instance, if your family has a history of cardiovascular disease, you may be able to reduce your chances of developing severe symptoms by resorting to an active and healthy lifestyle early on. You may quit smoking, you may not drink that much and you may not eat unhealthy, processed foods.

Healthy family

You can maintain a quality life and healthy family. You just need to find out what your DNA indicates. If it highlights the risk of Crohn’s disease in your family and you have a mutation – how can you stay unaffected? You can limit the chances of it by avoiding stress and developing healthy eating habits. Moreover, after knowing your DNA results and living a healthy lifestyle you will be able to prevent your children to be affected by it.

Technology for health

Powerful Reasons Why You Should Get Your DNA TestedGetting a DNA test performed is surely a major investment to maintain a healthy life. Some diseases become strenuous to treat after reaching to a certain level, but with the help of DNA test you might be able to treat them at an early stage or in most cases, you can take precautions to remain unaffected.

DNA tests for basic family diseases have become a necessity for the modern society. The technology exists.  It depends on how much you want to take an advantage of it and to live a quality life. Take out some time, schedule an appointment and get your DNA tested with the most reliable DNA testing center in New York City.

When you are ready for DNA testing for a Down syndrome, please call us at 718-701-0292 to schedule an appointment with the top DNA testing center in NYC.

Getting Started with Immigration DNA Testing

BestDNATestingNYC1Are you wondering how to get started with DNA immigration testing?

One thing that is important to note is that immigration DNA testing is somewhat different than other types of DNA testing. For instance, the lab performing the testing must be AABB accredited.

What is AABB accreditation?

AABB stands for “American Associations of Blood Banks.” The DNA testing labs who receive this accreditation meet all of the standards and requirements of the U.S. Department of State and the USCIS, or United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

This means that if you will be a party that requires DNA testing for immigration purposes, choosing an AABB accredited testing center is essential.

Why would someone need DNA testing for immigration?

Common Reasons for Immigration DNA Testing

DNA testing is usually done for immigration to prove a biological relationship. Say you are a U.S. Citizen and want to bring your mother over from China to live with you in the United States; you might need DNA testing to establish that a blood relationship does exist.

Or, in some cases where a baby is born abroad to United States citizens and there is reason to question a biological relationship, DNA testing may be required before the child can enter the U.S. or be granted United States citizenship.

How do you get the ball rolling for DNA immigration testing?

Immigration DNA Testing: Getting Started

You must have gotten the paperwork from the United States embassy or USCIS asking for evidence of the relationship between the beneficiary and the petitioner.

Once you have that paperwork, you should set up an appointment at an AABB accredited DNA testing center.

If you need to get DNA immigration testing, contact us today to set up an appointment at the leading AABB accredited DNA testing center in New York City.