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63-11 Queens Boulevard
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63-11 Queens Boulevard
Woodside NY 11377
Fax: 718-458-9700

We are open on evenings & holidays!

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AB DNA Testing Services offers a full range of DNA testing services using the most highly qualified AABB-Certified DNA testing laboratories in the country.

For New York residents, DNA testing has to be performed by a physician or legal entity (court, USCIS, US Embassy or Consulate).

AB DNA TESTING SERVICES offers a “One-Stop Shopping” service since we have a doctor on the premises who will perform the test. We are open 7 days a week, including weekends.

We are AABB registered DNA sample collectors. AABB certificates available on request.

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Paternity Testing In New York

Paternity Testing New York 01

Are you looking for information about paternity testing in New York? Confirming paternity is a very sensitive and controversial issue. Nonetheless, it is crucial for a number of legal and social matters.  While you may think that it is better to take a home paternity test, it is not always a good idea to do so. There is no need to be hesitant when taking a paternity test. A well-accredited lab will only reveal the test results to you. The paternity test is also useful for some immigration applications. You never know when you might need to take a paternity test, so it is good to know everything about it and where to get an accurate paternity test.

What is a Paternity Test?

The paternity test is a type of DNA test. DNA paternity test confirms the relation of a child with their father. It is used to find out whether the alleged man is the father of the child or not. The paternity test is of great importance in legal matters and resolving family issues. Paternity test matches the DNA profile of the alleged father and the child to confirm their relationship. The doctor or the lab needs only the blood sample of the child and the alleged father to run the test.

When do you require a Paternity Test?

There are several instances where a child, a person, or both need to get a paternity test. A paternity test can reveal shocking results that can disrupt families and relationships. However, in many cases, a paternity test can clear up misconceptions and misunderstandings.

 A paternity test for legal and personal issues

There can be cases where the paternity of the child is uncertain due to pregnancy before marriage, extramarital affair, second marriage, or unfortunate situations, such as rape.

If the parents of the child are not married, they would definitely need a paternity test to determine matters regarding the custody and rights of the child. The relationship of such a couple also needs documentation that requires a paternity test as proof.

 A paternity test for benefits

Other than legal matters and disputes, authorities giving out benefits and security also need proof of paternity.  Social security services can ask for a paternity test to resolve a family dispute that is affecting the child. Health insurance companies may ask for a paternity test if they have a suspicion or a doubt.

A paternity test for immigration

The DNA test is the only method that can prove relations for immigration purposes when the birth certificate and other documents are missing. A paternity test for immigration is used to prove a close family relationship when either the important documents are missing or if the immigration authorities have some kind of suspicion.

Paternity Testing New York City

AB DNA Testing services are accredited for all types of DNA tests for immigration. If you want to ensure that you do not get false results and that your immigration application goes easily, then get DNA test services from us.

Paternity test in cases of adoption

It is very natural for anyone to know their correct parentage.  Adults who are conceived by the donor, are adopted or do not know about both the parents or father because of any reason they can get DNA paternity test very easily.

The paternity test for an unborn child

It is possible to know the paternity of an unborn child. There are two methods for that

 Invasive prenatal paternity testing

Through chronic villus sampling, it is possible to determine the paternity of the child while it is inside the womb. With this method, the doctor retrieves amniotic fluid from the pregnant women’s abdominal wall by inserting a needle.  This test is highly accurate as the test sample comes directly from the fetus. However, there is a chance of miscarriage through invasive prenatal pregnancy.

Non-invasive prenatal paternity testing

This method is very advanced, but the accuracy level is very high. This type of test uses the mother’s blood while she is pregnant. The mother’s blood carries some of the DNA from the fetus which is the ccfDNA. This method is very safe and has no risk of miscarriage.

If you are looking for the best DNA Paternity test services in NYC, contact us at 718-701-0292. AB DNA Testing has all the credentials of DNA testing for legal matters, and immigration process. We are one of the very few DNA testing centers whose test results are easily acceptable by the court, immigration officers, and other agencies. We give accurate results very quickly so that you do not have to worry.

Paternity DNA Testing NYC

The Options Available for Paternity Testing

top-doctor-for-paternity-testing-ny-nyc-01For many men, doubts in relation to whether a child is theirs can create huge problems. It not only affects their personal lives and mental well being but can put enormous strain on the relationship between them and the child as well as with other family members and their partner. This is why paternity testing should be carried out as early as possible if there is any doubt about paternity and there are various options available for this.

If you do require a paternity test, you will generally need to provide a cheek swab as the DNA sample for yourself and the child. In addition, it is advisable to get a sample from the mother although this is not mandatory. However, it can cause delays and require further investigation if this is not provided.

Some of the testing options available

 There are a number of options available for those that require a paternity DNA test to find out whether they are the biological father of a child. The key options are:

Testing at home

 You can get kits that enable you to carry out the test at home and these are available online or at some stores. This is an easy and affordable means of getting a test and it provides people with greater convenience. However, many prefer something that is more conclusive and accurate, and in legal proceeding these results would not be admissible by the courts.

Getting a laboratory test

 Another option is to find a reputable DNA testing center and have the tests carried out at a laboratory. As long as the lab is an accredited one, this is fine for legal proceedings and means you can benefit from greater peace of mind and reassurance when it comes to the accuracy of the results. The fees are higher than with home testing but for some, this is the most suitable option.

Getting a court order

 court-order-for-paternity-test-nyc-02If you are going through legal proceedings in relation to the child, your legal representative may be able to get the courts to order a DNA test if they feel that it is necessary. This is another option you may want to consider depending on your situation and the circumstances.

Find out more from the experts

 If you would like to know more about your options when it comes to paternity DNA testing, get in touch with the leading DNA testing center in NYC today.

The DNA Testing Process – How Does Everything Work?

dna testingBefore proceeding to how DNA testing works, it is better to learn what DNA is. Our DNA carries our complete genetic code. It determines attributes of a person such his eye color and other aspects of his personality. It is noteworthy here that every cell of our body from the heart to the skin or from the blood to the bone, is made up with a complete set of DNA. So, if you want a DNA test performed to determine whether or not you can be afflicted with a hereditary disease, it is recommended to visit only a trustworthy DNA testing center in New York.

Purpose of DNA testing

dna testing

There are several purposes of a DNA test. It provides evidence about what makes two people unique. People share 99.9% identical DNA and 0.1% of DNA code sequences that are different in everyone makes us unique. These sequences are named as genetic markers. These markers are the part of the code that helps forensic scientists during DNA testing.

Identical twins are the only two people who share identical genetic markers. There are slight chances that if two people are related closely they might share the similar genetic markers. The sole purpose of DNA testing is to analyze billions of letters of the genetic code to discover genetic markers to identify similarities and differences between people.

Function of DNA test

DNA testing like forensic, genetic and parental testing is performed to identify if there are any similarities present in the genetic markers of the two biological samples. Since the cells in our body contain the exact same DNA, you can take samples from any part of the body, for instance, blood, saliva, skin and hair follicles.
A forensic scientist can compare DNA from the skin cells present underneath fingernail of a victim with the DNA taken from the blood sample of the possible suspect.

Millions of copies are made using a procedure called “polymerase chain reaction” or PCR. A natural enzyme that precedes PCR, copies a particular DNA stretch multiple times. This practice analyzes our genetic code. The particles of DNA break at specific points that separate them into “chunks” and the code present on those specific points are later studied to form a DNA fingerprint. A comparison is made to identify whether these different samples match or not.

Accuracy and reliability

dna testingDNA tests are the only evidence to prove a suspect or to free a falsely convicted person. It also helps in determining paternity whether it is for peace of mind or for a legal matter. A DNA test can help determine whether two biological samples match or not. But this match can’t assure you that two samples belong to the same person. A slight risk about similar genetic markers of two different people is always associated with it specifically if they are relatives. And to minimize this error, scientists test more genetic markers and don’t rely on just one. More identical markers ensure the accuracy of the test.

Don’t wait and schedule an appointment right now to get your DNA performed with the leading DNA testing center in New York.

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