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Category Archives: DNA testing for Immigration NYC

DNA Testing Requirements for Immigration from a Foreign Country into the USA via New York City

DNA Testing Requirements for ImmigrationWhat are the DNA testing requirements for immigration to the USA? The United States is a nation of immigrants, and the process of immigrating to the United States can be complex and time-consuming. One of the requirements for immigrating to the United States is DNA testing. DNA testing is used to verify the identity of immigrants and to ensure that they are not related to anyone who is inadmissible to the United States.

Who Needs DNA Testing for Immigration?

Not everyone who is immigrating to the United States needs to have DNA testing. However, certain categories of immigrants are required to have DNA testing, including:

* Applicants for Adjustment of Status (AOS) who are applying for family-based immigration
* Applicants for Adjustment of Status who are applying for employment-based immigration
* Applicants for immigrant visas who are applying at a U.S. consulate outside of the United States
* Applicants for refugee status
* Applicants for asylum

How to Get DNA Testing for Immigration

There are a number of different ways to get DNA testing for immigration. One option is to go to a local doctor or laboratory that offers DNA testing. Another option is to order a DNA testing kit online. Once you have your DNA sample, you will need to send it to a laboratory that is approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The Cost of DNA Testing for Immigration

The cost of DNA testing for immigration varies depending on the laboratory that you use. However, the average cost of DNA testing for immigration is $200-$300.

The Timeline for DNA Testing for Immigration

The timeline for DNA testing for immigration varies depending on the laboratory that you use. However, the average timeline for DNA testing for immigration is 2-4 weeks.

Contact Information

If you are interested in learning more about DNA testing requirements for immigration, please contact AB DNA Testing Services today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and help you get started.

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USCIC Requirements for Family Immigration into New York

What are the USCIC requirements for family immigration into New York? While applying for immigration, you need to comply with rules set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. One of these rules is to get a DNA test from an AABB-accredited laboratory. This test isn’t necessary in all cases. But, sometimes, the immigration officer asks for it. In this condition, it becomes necessary for you to get DNA testing. Keep in mind that getting the test does not guarantee acceptance of your VISA. However, it will help you in many cases, especially when you don’t have credible proof of a relationship with your sponsor. To clear all the doubts, the immigration office will require DNA testing results.

The DNA testing required by USCIS involves a standard DNA test. You may need to take this test for various reasons. With a DNA test, you can prove your biological relationship with the person sponsoring you. The common DNA testing includes paternity, maternity, and full or half-siblings. Before heading to a VISA consular, you must have some basic knowledge about DNA testing requirements.

DNA Immigration Testing

When you lack any credible document to support a VISA application, you need to prove your relationship with your family member through a DNA test. However, if you already have proof such as school records, birth certificates, and photographs, then you do not have to worry. It is possible to clear the immigration process without the need for DNA testing when you have sufficient proof. Keep in mind that having a DNA test along the application process will increase your chance to succeed. Also, these documents don’t guarantee you a visa, but when your documents do not prove your identity, you need something to support the application process.

USCIS DNA Testing Process

Below you will find step by step process of DNA testing by USCIS. You will find the following information helpful while going through the testing process.

1.      Getting in Touch with an Accredited Laboratory

After your VISA officer asks you to get DNA testing, you need to search for a credible laboratory. Once you consult with the laboratory, you need to send your DNA samples to them via courier service. Be sure that the laboratory you choose is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks. If you choose any laboratory other than an accredited one, your test will not qualify for a VISA application. Many laboratories lie about their credibility, so avoid these companies. For a safer option, you can choose AB DNA Testing, which is an AABB accredited lab located in NYC.

2.      Sample Collection

The sample collection process is quite simple. You need to purchase a testing kit from the drug store. This kit will include a buccal swab. You will trace the swab inside your mouth behind the cheek and collect the buccal cells. Now put the swab back in the testing kit and send it to the laboratory. The laboratory will directly send the DNA testing results to the U.S. Embassy.

3.      Embassy Connects with the Applicant

After the embassy receives the DNA kit, they will contact you and set an appointment. The embassy will then go through the interview process and other requirements after the payment procedure.

4.      Payment Procedure

Your family member should pay off all the application fees before the appointment. After the payment, the embassy will set a panel to collect the DNA test. Your family member will hand them over their sample of the test. Ask your family member to bring the payment receipt upon visit. The appointment will take place in the U.S. Consulate. However, if they don’t have the receipt, they won’t be able to get through to your DNA collection appointment.

5.      The Collection Appointment

When the AABB laboratory analyzes the DNA samples, they will share the result with the Embassy. After receiving both the results, the Embassy will continue the application process. The immigration office will only accept results from the AABB lab. Therefore, do not take along your copy of the test. You can get the result copy by contacting the AABB testing service.

USCIC Requirements for Family Immigration into New York: Conclusion

The DNA testing process by USCIS is simple and uncomplicated. However, you need to follow the steps and communicate with the AABB credited laboratory in the United States. When you go through USCIS DNA testing you cannot make mistakes with your application process. Every wrong move will reflect poorly and could prevent you from getting your application approved. It’s imperative that you navigate through it carefully.

Make sure that all your details are accurate as mistakes will be taken seriously. You can consult with AB DNA Testing Services © for further information about the process. We will give some guidance about the complete process so you do not go wrong.

Give us a call today and talk with our experts.

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Immigrating Family to New York: Do you Need to Get a DNA Test?

DNA testing is quite common in the United States. People undergo DNA testing to find the answers to family-related questions. Some people get the test for documentation and immigration. Meanwhile, others are curious about learning who they’re related to. DNA testing becomes necessary when the court needs proof of relation, or when you apply for family immigration. This is a type of medical test that determines the difference in proteins, chromosomes, and genes. Read on to learn more about DNA testing for immigration.

Immigrating Family to New York DNA Test

DNA Testing for Immigration

DNA Testing for immigration is an accurate test to verify the family relationship. You require DNA testing if there is no medical record or credible document as proof of the relationship. These documents and proofs include photographs, birth certificates, and school records. You can obtain DNA tests for:

  • USA citizenship petition
  • Immigrant visa
  • Consular Reports of Birth Abroad
  • Applications for U.S. passports

Guidelines of DNA Testing for Immigration to New York

When you want to claim a relationship to immigrate to New York, but you do not have document proof, the USCIS will ask you to take a DNA test. Furthermore, you must process the test results with AABB-Accredited Laboratory. AB DNA Testing NYC is among a few of the AABB-accredited facilities. This means that USCIS and the U.S. Department of State consider our DNA test credible for U.S. Immigration. Our qualified team has extensive experience in conducting successful DNA tests with accurate results.

According to the guidelines by the immigration office, your test result should show at least a 95% probability that you are related to the applicant. In this case, the third-party testing lab will collect, identify, and process the DNA tests. The test would be conducted under a strict “chain of custody”. The testing laboratory uses high-precision DNA testing technology.

Many laboratories collect samples using a Q-tip-type swab. They insert the buccal swab in your mouth and collect samples from the cheek area. Laboratories also use blood samples to collect the specimen. But, buccal swabs are popular as they are a non-invasive and painless method of sample collection. Both these tests have a similar accuracy rate.

Reasons for DNA Testing for Family Immigration to New York

If the immigration departments have doubts about your birth or you can’t provide sufficient proof of relation, they will ask you to share DNA test results. Make sure to check the complete requirements for DNA testing by the US government. When you claim that you are closely related to an immigration applicant, the New York immigration office will require proof. A DNA test is the most accurate procedure to identify a relationship between the beneficiary and petitioner. Also, it indicates how closely related they are.

Detention of False Claim and Fraud

When you apply for immigration to New York City, it’s imperative that you provide correct paperwork, details, and information. You cannot get away with any attempt of fraud or false claim. DNA testing is necessary when you do not have a close relationship with the beneficiary or petitioner. In this case, you need to go through a DNA test and justify your relationship. There isn’t any chance of false claims as a reputable testing organization will conduct the test and share the results with the NYC immigration office.

The tests by AABB accredited labs are error-free and highly accurate. If you fail to ensure complete transparency during the immigration process, you risk facing serious consequences.

DNA Test for Petitioner and Beneficiary

The requirement of DNA Testing depends on the officials. Sometimes, they ask to take the test even if the documents are complete. As a beneficiary or petitioner, you should stay ready to take the test whenever the authorities ask. The common tests include parental testing, half-brother or sister testing, siblings, and avuncular relations. Uncle, aunt, and grandparents also qualify for the test. Upon visiting the DNA testing center, you need to submit the buccal sample. Most testing facilities require the buccal sample to conduct the test.

Immigrating Family to New York need DNA test

Because these relations share a large amount of the same DNA, there are plenty of similarities in the structure. These similarities work as proof of relationship with the petitioner or beneficiary. In DNA testing, lab workers will analyze your DNA profiles and consider them with your potential relative. As genetic techniques advance with time, more accurate and rapid testing procedures are available. You will get the results in one or two weeks.

Immigrating Family to New York: Do you Need to Get A DNA Test? Conclusion

Immigration DNA testing is helping numerous families complete their immigration application process. If you have plans to call your loved ones in New York, you need to get a DNA test.

If you are looking for an AABB-accredited facility in New York City, give us a call at 718-701-0292. Our team is highly cooperative and will also guide you through the entire immigration process.



India to NY Immigration

Are you looking for info regarding India to NY Immigration? Immigrating to the heart of the leading superpower, and one of the busiest cities in the world is a dream. There is just something about New York that makes people want to settle here. Despite the perplexing and chaotic nature of the City, there is no denying that it offers a flurry of opportunities for people to flourish.

India to NY Immigration

Moreover, the quality of life is unmatched for families and individuals looking to start a new chapter in their life. Many Indians across the country decide to immigrate to the US, and many eventually do. This is not to say that there is a hundred percent success rate when applying for immigration. Some people also fall short on their immigration process.

DNA Testing for India to NY Immigration: Overview

Indian immigrants are not new to the United States. There has been an inflow of Indian immigrants traveling to the US for different purposes. However, most of them go there looking for work opportunities. Ever since the 1990s, the growth of Indian immigrants living in the United States has been exponential. With a rate of 69.37 percent, they are one of the ethnic groups in the United States that are growing the fastest.

Life of an Indian in the USA

Many Indian-Americans in the US or New York live comfortable lives and belong to both the middle class and upper class. Regardless of their social status in society, all of them enjoy a high quality of life and wages that fulfill their fundamental needs.

Newer immigrants have to start with lower-paying jobs and fall into lower-income groups. The recently immigrated Indians have to take part in lower-paying jobs that may also differ from their occupation back home. This happens often, and they settle in big cities where there is an abundance of unskilled or lower-paying jobs. This is why a city like New York can be a big boost for people that need a push towards employment.

Many Indians that come to the USA have sound expertise and knowledge of technology. This is due to the booming technological advancements of South Asia. There are also a high number of students coming into the US for education purposes. Fortunately, the schools have programs that successfully integrate different cultures in the school’s community.

The year of an Indian student generally comprises of pre-requisite courses that they must take before they can focus their energy on their specific fields.  In the US, an Indian immigrant can explore across a wide variety of community colleges and universities, as well as private ones.

How to Immigrate to the US from India

Typically, you come across four main ways to find an immigration pass in the USA.  The channels through which you can apply for immigration to NY are family, job offer, school acceptance letter, or investment. Each has different eligibility requirements that you have to provide. To immigrate, you must meet all the requirements on time.

Family Class Sponsorships

If you have family already living in the USA, then you can apply for a NY visa by family sponsorships. For this process, you may have to prove to the immigration office about your blood relation with the family in the US. Due to this, DNA test reports are the primary requirements, along with identity documentation.

Work Visas

This applies to you if you have a job offer that allows you to work in the USA for a specific amount of time as a non-immigrant. However, some jobs also allow you opportunities to apply for a green card while you work there.

DNA Testing for India to NY Immigration

Investment Visas

This visa application calls out to investors looking to make a profit from business ventures in the USA.

Student Visas

Student visas do not promise an immigration outcome, since you cannot apply for a green card during your visit as a student. However, once you graduate from the United States, your chances of acceptance for the immigration process or work visas increase.

Genetic DNA Testing for Immigrant Visa

DNA testing is an incredibly useful tool for applying through a family invitation process. It can ultimately put a stamp on the credibility and authenticity of your relationship with relatives in the USA. With Genetic testing, you can provide evidence of paternal, maternal, or sibling relationship to the immigration office, especially when you lack other credible documentation that gives proof of blood.

The visa offices accept DNA testing as a non-documentary method that proves biological relationships. Despite its legitimacy, you should only opt for it if you apply for a family sponsorship and lack the complete documentation that gives proof of relationship.

India to NY Immigration: Conclusion

Having a DNA document is crucial for a variety of legal procedures, including VISA and immigration. If you are looking for an authentic and certified VISA service in New York, then visit us at AB DNA Testing Services.

We offer a variety of DNA testing services that you can use for immigration DNA testing requirements. Visit our website for more information or call us at 718-701-0292.

Immigration DNA Testing in NYC

Do you need immigration DNA testing in NYC? DNA testing help determine your biological relations with others. A DNA test is the most credible evidence for immigration to prove your relationship with others. The most common test that requires DNA is maternity, paternity, siblings DNA, grandparent tests and others.

It is the only non-documented proof that is accepted by authorities as evidence of a biological relationship. The counselor officer requests you for genetic testing after applying for immigration. But that doesn’t mean you will get a visa. This is just one step in the immigration process.

Requirements of Immigration DNA Testing

Every country has a set of immigration rules that you have to follow. Similarly, the US Department of State has rules that you need to follow for DNA immigration testing. Failing to follow the rules can lead to getting rejected for your visa.

The following are the requirements of United States DNA immigration testing.

  • An essential requirement is that the testing institution should be certified from AABB.
  • The testing facility should follow the chain of custody requirements.
  • The testing facility should be able to coordinate with the US embassy on DNA tests.
  • The facility should send the DNA testing kit, which includes clear instructions of the US embassy or a physician regarding the mater.
  • The DNA test result should have a percentage of 99.5% or above.
  • Swabbing or cheek methods are preferred for immigration DNA testing.

You can choose any center for testing if they fulfill the above requirements.

Types of DNA Samples

Deoxyribonucleic Acid test is the most accurate method for biological testing. This method is common in the US. It contains a blueprint that gives answers about the ancestors of a person. This information is passed from parents to their children through DNA. It gives straightforward and accurate answers, making it the best option in the immigration process.

A buccal swab is also a common DNA test method. It also refers to a buccal swab, cheek swab, or buccal smear test. The procedure of the test is that the swab collects cells from inside of your cheek. The inside of your cheeks contains DNA in the form of buccal epithelial cells. This test is more common because it doesn’t in any type of blood and doesn’t cause any pain. Other DNA tests are not common.

Accuracy of DNA Testing

The DNA test must be accurate more than 99.5% to meet the requirements of the US embassy. The counselor officer may not accept test results below 99.5% accuracy with respect to maternity or paternity.

After The Test

After the test, the AABB laboratory will send results to the United States Embassy. Once the embassy gets the results, they start the procedure and later coordinate with you regarding the visa. The embassy will only accept the results that are directly sent to them by AABB Laboratory.

If you want a copy of your result, you can contact AABB Lab for a copy of your result. The embassy will not provide you any copy of your test.

The Bottom Line

If you are applying for immigration, make sure to consult an AABB accredited Laboratory. Also, check if they can send results directly to the embassy.

The AB DNA Testing Lab in Queens, NY, has all the facilities to help you in genetic testing for immigration. We have all family relation DNA tests, and we can coordinate with the embassy or your counsel for you. We have the capability to meet the requirements of immigration DNA testing. Visit our website or call us at 718-701-0292.

Immigrating From Another Country To The USA? What You Need To Know

Are you immigrating from another country to the USA? Planning to live in the country with the biggest economy in the world? Starting your professional career in the USA can be an opportunity to start a new life. Many people dream of moving to the USA to start new careers and live the life of their dreams. But applying for USA immigration from another country can be hard. Making decisions on your own involves risks but with better counseling, you can achieve your dream of immigrating to the USA.

1.     Make Choices Wisely

For immigration to the USA, you have to check in what way you are eligible to apply for the visa.  You need to investigate and study all the ways to immigrate. The best way to do this is by discussing with a friend or a relative who is living in the USA or you can consult with experts to guide you. You need to read about important immigration laws and visa applications. Different people have different cases and situations. Consider what you do and how you can get to America. Some of the ways of getting to the US include getting sponsorship from a biological relative who is a legal immigrant of the US or getting a student visa to continue your education. Other ways to immigrate are getting sponsorship from a company in the USA, working in a multinational company that is transferring you to their USA branch, or based on your specific professional ability, etc.

2.     Searching through the Internet

The Internet is a great source for collecting information regarding immigration to the USA. There are thousands of articles, blogs, and vlogs from where you can get help. Getting more knowledge about the process can help you get through the interview and by learning from experiences that others share on the internet, you will know what to and what not to do. Check about the visa and immigration types. Many people share their experiences on the internet about applying, traveling and living in the US. Search as much information as you can.

3.     Consult with Professionals

Getting information from websites and studying the process yourself may help you in some ways but you cannot depend on it entirely. You need a professional counselor or a lawyer who can guide you through the way.  Every individual has a different case while applying; a professional can guide you after knowing all the information you give them about yourself. They can study your case and tell you a way to immigrate that suits you better. A team that has experience in helping people with immigration is the best option, as it can advise you on every aspect e.g. insurance, visa, investment, etc.

4.     Discuss with Other Immigrants:

If you know someone who has experience of traveling to the USA, get help from them. It is better to know about the experience of others. Ask them how they chose their immigration type and how the process for applying involves. Talk to them about their interview. Ask them what questions they were asked and how their interview went. It is also important to study what states and cities are better. Knowing about accommodations and living expenses in different cities can also help. Try to know as much as you can about living in the USA.

5.     Preparing for the Interview:

Preparing for the interview is really necessary. You should be on time at the venue of the interview. Always gather your complete documents necessary for the process when heading for the interview. Wear proper clothes and create a good impression for the interviewer. Answer their questions confidently. If you are aware of what you are going to do after immigration and why you are going there, you can answer their questions easily.

Immigrating To The USA: Conclusion

Immigration to the USA can be difficult as more and more people around the world are trying to move to the land of opportunities. It is always better to consult a professional counselor and consultant before applying.

If a biological relative is sponsoring you for the immigration to the USA and you need help with DNA testing to prove the relationship, our team of professionals will guide you through this process. You can contact us at 718-701-0292 or visit our website

DNA Testing for Immigration in New York City

For centuries, New York City has been an epitome of hope and opportunities for immigrants, promising a safe and better future. New York City has always been welcoming to the people who wish to upgrade their quality of living and lead a better life, regardless of where they are from. The dreams and aspirations of 3.3 million people living in New York is proof of how the city is the best choice for immigrants.

The applications of DNA testing are increasing with time. Immigration department in developed countries now asks for a DNA test for a work visa, green card, or for immigration to live close to a blood relation. Just like other developed countries, you might need to get a DNA test for immigration in New York City as well.

Why do you need a DNA test for immigration in NYC?

DNA tests help the immigration department validate your identity if they have doubts about or if you lack information regarding your birth (see the full US DNA Test relationship rules). DNA testing is crucial to test the biological relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiary.

New York immigration office asks the immigration applications for a DNA test if they claim they have a close relative. The DNA test not only identifies the relationship between the petitioner and beneficiary but also finds out the relatedness between them.

DNA Test Can Easily Detect A Fraud or False Claim

When applying immigration in NYC, you cannot get away with any false claim and fraud, especially with DNA test as a requirement. You must provide all your information, details, and paperwork correctly.

If the petitioner and beneficiary are related but are not close blood relative, a DNA test would help detect that. If you are not doing any fraud or making a false claim, you should never refuse to get a DNA test for immigration in NYC.

Immigration office in NYC gets a DNA test for immigration applicants through AABB accredited labs. Test results of AABB accredited labs provide highly accurate and error-free test results, so you stand no chance to get away with false claims or scam. These results are also court-admissible, so you can go through a trial and serious charges too.

DNA Test for Petitioner and Beneficiary

If there is a lack of documentation or other proper evidence between the relationship of the petitioner and beneficiary, then the requirement of DNA test comes without question. As a petitioner or beneficiary, if you even have proper documents defining your relationship, you must be prepared to have a DNA test when the officials ask you to have one. The common tests are for parent-child, siblings, half brother or sister and avuncular relations such as child and grandparents or paternal aunt or uncle.

You will have to submit your buccal sample as a DNA test for immigration usually requires a buccal sample.

The fact the DNA is hereditary, and people belonging to the same family share a larger amount of DNA. The more similarities there are in your DNA, the more proof it is of your close relation with the person.The DNA test will analyze the DNA profiles and make comparisons with it.

With advancements in genetic techniques, DNA tests are more rapid and accurate than before. You will get the results within a week or two.

Final Thoughts

Immigration DNA testing has helped expedite the Immigration Application approval process. If you want to call your loved one in NYC then and you require a DNA test, then contact us at 718-701-0292.

For more information, visit our website and find out the best DNA testing services by AB DNA Testing.

History of DNA Testing for Immigration in the USA

Why do we need DNA testing for immigration?

DNA tests can be required as part of the immigration application if other proof for biological parenthood, such as a birth certificate or other records, do not exist or are insufficient. Often, biological familial relationships must be proven to obtain an Immigrant visa, a passport for another country, or Consular Reports of Birth Abroad.

An Immigration DNA test may also be needed to qualify an applicant for an immigration benefit based on family relationships. DNA testing for immigration is extremely common now, but this has not always been the case. There are multiple reasons for the recent increase in popularity of DNA testing for immigration in the United States.

What is the history of DNA testing for immigration in the USA?


Nowadays, DNA testing for immigration is extremely common. However, until recently, the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) has used DNA testing as a last resort for the immigration process. This is partly because DNA testing has not always provided the accurate results that it does today.

Today’s DNA testing labs, such as our lab, usually collect buccal cells, or cheek cells, from inside a person’s cheek using a cheek swab made of cotton. This is a painless, non-invasive method that is preferable to the previously used method of obtaining a blood sample. Buccal cell samples provide results just as accurate as those from blood samples and therefore are now the most popular method for obtaining a DNA sample.

ellis-island-immigration-history-dna-05The first DNA testing in the United States occurred in 1987 for use in a criminal case. However, DNA testing did not become more widely available until the late 1990s. Since then, DNA testing has become more common and more accurate because the process of DNA comparison, known as DNA Profiling, has become more accurate as science has advanced.

Throughout the history of the USCIS, which assumed responsibility for the immigration services of the United States federal government in 2003, the policy on DNA testing for parentage has remained unchanged. However, in 2018, the USCIS updated its policy on DNA evidence to be in support of sibling relationships. In other words, the policy will now permit the suggestion and consideration of sibling-to-sibling DNA test results as part of the immigration process, due to the increased accuracy of sibling DNA testing in recent years. This policy provides standards for evaluating both full siblings and half siblings.

How do I get a DNA test for immigration?

Today in the United States, this immigration DNA testing must be performed by an AABB accredited DNA testing laboratory, such as our lab, and cannot be performed via home DNA test kits or non-accredited testing laboratories. Before proceeding with immigration DNA testing, make sure you’ve received written authority from the U.S. Department of State, USCIS, or U.S. Embassy.

Therefore, the first step to obtaining a DNA test for immigration is to make sure you’ve received written authority to do so. The next step is to contact an AABB accredited lab, such as our lab. We will walk you through the entire DNA testing process.

Contact us today to schedule an immigration DNA test appointment with the best DNA testing lab in NYC.




I need a DNA test for immigration. What do I have to do?

Why do I need a DNA test for immigration?

DNA tests can be required as part of the immigration application if other proof for biological parenthood, such as a birth certificate or other records, do not exist or are insufficient. Often, biological familial relationships must be proven to obtain an Immigrant visa, a passport for another country, or Consular Reports of Birth Abroad. An Immigration DNA test may also be needed to qualify an applicant for an immigration benefit based on family relationships.

In the United States, this immigration DNA testing must be performed by an AABB accredited DNA testing laboratory, such as our lab, and cannot be performed via home DNA test kits or non-accredited testing laboratories. If you do obtain a DNA test that is not from an AABB accredited laboratory, you risk rejection of your results.

Before proceeding with immigration DNA testing, make sure you’ve received written authority from the U.S. Department of State, USCIS, or U.S. Embassy. If you proceed with the DNA test without written authority, your test results may be rejected.

Therefore, the first step to obtaining a DNA test for immigration is to make sure you’ve received written authority to do so. The next step is to contact an AABB accredited lab, such as our lab. We will walk you through the entire DNA testing process. 

How do DNA tests for immigration work?

dna-testing-for-immigration-lab-nyc-01When we perform a DNA test, we usually collect buccal cells, or cheek cells, from inside a person’s cheek using a cheek swab made of cotton. We will need swab samples from all required individuals to be tested. This is a non-invasive, painless procedure.

Each person has a unique set of DNA. All of a person’s DNA put together is called a genome. When people are related, their genomes are more similar to each other than when they are not related. When we compare the genomes of multiple people, we are able to see how similar the genomes are. This comparison is called DNA profiling. For a paternity or maternity test for immigration, we are able to use this genome comparison to give a probability that the two individuals are related.

After we perform the DNA test, you will receive a percentage result. This percentage represents the probability that the two individuals are related. If the probability is 0% then they are not related. If they are related, the probability may be as high as 99.99%. These DNA tests are extremely accurate.

In the United States, this percentage result is required to show at least 99.5% probability of relatedness for immigration purposes. We are required to send these original test results directly to the requesting authority.

What if the other individual to be tested lives far away?

best-priced-dna-testing-lab-nyc-immigration-02If the other individual to be tested, such as a parent or sibling, lives in another state or country, we will coordinate with another AABB accredited laboratory in their area so that they can be tested as well. We will ensure that you get the DNA testing you need to complete your immigration application or other immigration process.

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5 Reasons Why You Might Need DNA Testing

DNA testing can identify a person using his/her DNA sample and assessing different parts of their genes. However, there is more to the process than that. Let’s look at 5 reasons why you might need DNA testing:

   You Are At Risk of Any Disease

We live in a time where the risk of genetic disease is high. Thanks to the high-quality healthcare available today, major problems, like infertility and cancer, can be treated to a certain extent, thanks to genetic testing. The procedures identifies if you are at a risk of catching a disease that is common in your family and if it might have been passed down to you.

If the disease is identified at an early age, it can be treated and there is a greater chance that it can be treated successfully. Some couples who carry diseases seek out genetic counselors who can employ DNA testing to help them recognize the risks of them having an affected child and give them all the relevant information that will be helpful.  Researchers can then use the tests to look for patterns of that particular diseases and try to figure out ways to treat them.

   You Want to Meet Your Biological Parents

Children who have been adopted or conceived through IVF or sperm donation might wish to find and meet their biological parents. High-standard DNA paternity tests play an important role in helping them find their father.

   You Have Applied for Social Security/ Life Insurance

5 Reasons Why You Might Need DNA TestingWhen a father dies and legal fatherhood has not been established or is being questioned, life insurance and social security may ask for paternity proof. In these cases, a medical checker would be ordered by court to acquire a DNA sample, which would then be submitted to an AABB recognized laboratory, in order to carry out a legal paternity test where the claimant doesn’t need to rely on other evidence that a biological relationship indeed existed.

   You Want To Donate an Organ

DNA testing serves various purposes in medicine, one of which includes identifying good genetic matches for marrow or organ donation. It can also be used to ensure that a tissue sample had been labeled correctly with the right patient’s name.

   You Are a Crime Suspect

As you may have seen in TV shows, DNA is extremely important and a sure-fire way to catch a culprit in a crime situation. On the other side, it can also be used to exonerate innocent people of crimes, sometimes for crimes that were committed years ago.

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