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During the Coronavirus emergency, our offices and lab remain open and are providing all regular DNA testing & other services.

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We offer New York’s BEST AND MOST AFFORDABLE DNA TESTING with a full range of services to verify family relationships.

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Our staff members have undergone AABB Relationship Testing Collection Training and Certification and are AABB Certified sample collectors for relationship testing purposes and are included on the list of qualified collection suppliers given quarterly to AABB Accredited Relationship Testing Laboratories worldwide. AABB Certificates available to view on demand.

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We specialize in the following types of DNA tests:

• Paternity • Maternity • Grand-parenting • Sibling Relationship • Biological Relationship Studies • Twin Studies • Deceased Paternity • Forensic Testing • Child Identity Testing Ancestry • Family Tree and Genealogy Testing


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Has your petition been denied? Did you miss your deadline?

Call us.  We have found that in many cases, our personalized service can overturn your denial. We will call the passport office or immigration dept. for you and plead your case over phone verbally.

90% of time they will revoke your denial, as long as you get the required information to them quickly.


63-11 Queens Boulevard
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63-11 Queens Boulevard
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We are open on evenings & weekends!

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During the Coronavirus emergency, our offices and lab remain open and are providing all regular DNA testing & other services.

AB DNA Testing offers a full range of DNA testing services using the most highly qualified AABB-Certified DNA testing laboratories in the country.

For New York residents, DNA testing has to be performed by a physician or legal entity (court, USCIS, US Embassy or Consulate).

AB DNA TESTING offers a “One-Stop Shopping” service since we have a doctor on the premises who will perform the test. We are open 7 days a week, including weekends.

All specimen collectors are AABB Certified. AABB certificates available on request.

Other doctors will charge a fee just for the office visit. We do not charge a fee for our on premises doctor visit. Save money and call for an appointment today!

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Finding the Right DNA Testing Center in NY

Finding the Right DNA Testing Center

best-dna-test-lab-center-queens-ny-01DNA testing has become an increasingly common means of finding out information. These tests are carried out for all sorts of reasons such as paternity, relationships, immigration, forensics, and more. You can find out a lot of information from DNA testing but the first thing you have to do is decide which DNA testing center you will go through.

It is important to make the right choice, as this can make all the difference when it comes to speed, service, and other important aspects of the service. In order to find the right facility for your DNA testing, you need to look at a range of different factors. This will make it easier for you to make an informed decision with regards to the center you go to for your tests.

Some of the factors you need to consider

best-dna-test-labratory-queens-nyc-02 There are various factors that you will need to take into consideration when you are deciding which DNA testing center you should use. Some of the key areas to look at include:

  • The reputation of the facility: When it comes to something as important as DNA testing, you obviously need to ensure you find a reputable facility. You should do some research to find out more about the facility and also take some time to look at customer reviews so you can see whether others have experienced any issues.
  • The experience of the staff: You should also look at the experience and expertise of those that work at the DNA testing facility so you can ensure you find people with the right skills and knowledge to carry out your tests. You can generally find this sort of information out via the facility website or you can contact them directly to find out more.
  • The types of tests offered: DNA testing can be used for all sorts of reasons, so you should make sure you find out what type of testing the DNA center offers. This will help to ensure you can get the tests you need and find out the information that you require without any problem.
  • The cost of testing: The cost of DNA testing can vary from one facility to another. Make sure you look at the costs so you can find one that offers good service and a solid reputation at a competitive price.

Find out more from our experts

To learn more about expert DNA testing and for further information, get in touch with one of the leading DNA testing centers in NYC today.

Reasons for DNA testing NYC

Why You Might Need DNA Testing

top-reasons-for-dna-testing-01There have been many advancements over recent years both in the world of technology and the world of medicine. This has helped us in many different ways including when it comes to DNA testing. The evolution of DNA testing means that these tests can now discover a range of information and this can be used for all sorts of purposes.

Every year, many people arrange for DNA tests for a wide variety of different reasons. There are specialist DNA testing centers that are able to carry out these tests quickly, conveniently, and accurately, which means you can get the information you require with ease. Of course, you should make sure you choose a reputable and established testing center, as DNA test results are generally extremely important.

Some of the reasons why people have DNA tests carried out


So, what sorts of reasons do people have for requiring information from a DNA test? Well, there are many different reasons why people have these sorts of tests carried out. Some of the reasons you may require a DNA test include:

  • For paternity testing
  • To test for a relationship between people
  • For immigration purposes
  • In relation to forensics
  • To find out about genetics and the risk of health conditions
  • For child custody reasons

These are just some of the reasons why people decide to have this type of test carried out and the results can provide key information to help those that are tested. Today, reputable DNA testing centers use sophisticated methods that provide you with the most accurate information as quickly and conveniently as possible. This makes it much easier to get the information you want from your DNA test and in some cases the information you receive can literally be life-changing.

Getting your test done by the experts – contact the leading DNA testing center in NYC

top-experts-dna-testing-new-york-03 When it comes to something as important as DNA testing, you need to get it carried out by experts with a solid reputation. No matter what the reason behind need a DNA test, the information you receive needs to be accurate and provided in a timely manner, which is why you need to ensure you choose the right facility to have the DNA tests carried out.

If you want to benefit from DNA testing by a leading facility in get in touch with our DNA testing in NYC.

Powerful Reasons Why You Should Get Your DNA Tested

Powerful Reasons Why You Should Get Your DNA TestedIf diabetes runs in the family, there is a very strong chance that you too might fall prey to it in the future. However, to stay one step ahead, it will not hurt to get your DNA tested to find out whether or not you can or will show symptoms of a hereditary disease. And for that you should always rely on the best DNA testing center NYC. It may sound frightening, but knowing a bitter truth is always right than a sweet lie. The following powerful reasons will tell why you should get your DNA tested as soon as you can.

Chances of inheriting a genetic disease

Advanced medical research has confirmed that the risk of inheriting a genetic disease is very real and there are millions of people who really can’t do anything about it. But with this being said, alternatives and treatment associated with hereditary diseases have become a possibility as well. We just need to know whether or not we have been affected by a family health problem. For instance, if a family has a history of diabetes, the chances of inheriting it are more in next generation. You can get all the necessary information associated with family health through a DNA test via a DNA testing center in NYC.

Congenital diseases

Powerful Reasons Why You Should Get Your DNA TestedCongenital diseases can remain silent for the longest time – specifically metabolic and autoimmune problems. These diseases do not show any symptoms until you reach a certain age, which is indeed terrifying. It would be an unpleasant and a shattering experience to learn that you have an auto immune disease at the age of 35. For instance, celiac disease remains unnoticed until any severe health issues occur i.e. depression, anemia or worst – colon cancer. Unfortunately, it often gets too late until the person learns about his condition.

Make right decisions

Knowing the truth about your health may be a bitter experience, but it can save you. You should know everything associated with your health to live a quality life. The DNA test can help make the right decision. For instance, if your family has a history of cardiovascular disease, you may be able to reduce your chances of developing severe symptoms by resorting to an active and healthy lifestyle early on. You may quit smoking, you may not drink that much and you may not eat unhealthy, processed foods.

Healthy family

You can maintain a quality life and healthy family. You just need to find out what your DNA indicates. If it highlights the risk of Crohn’s disease in your family and you have a mutation – how can you stay unaffected? You can limit the chances of it by avoiding stress and developing healthy eating habits. Moreover, after knowing your DNA results and living a healthy lifestyle you will be able to prevent your children to be affected by it.

Technology for health

Powerful Reasons Why You Should Get Your DNA TestedGetting a DNA test performed is surely a major investment to maintain a healthy life. Some diseases become strenuous to treat after reaching to a certain level, but with the help of DNA test you might be able to treat them at an early stage or in most cases, you can take precautions to remain unaffected.

DNA tests for basic family diseases have become a necessity for the modern society. The technology exists.  It depends on how much you want to take an advantage of it and to live a quality life. Take out some time, schedule an appointment and get your DNA tested with the most reliable DNA testing center in New York City.

When you are ready for DNA testing for a Down syndrome, please call us at 718-701-0292 to schedule an appointment with the top DNA testing center in NYC.

What Is a Deoxyribonucleic Acid DNA Test?

dna testThere are various types of DNA tests. When you visit a DNA testing center, they will use one of these tests to determine any genetic information you are looking for based on the information and sources provided. One of the types of tests available is the Deoxyribonucleic Acid DNA test. It can provide a great deal of information about the genetic information you need.

What Is Deoxyribonucleic Acid in DNA Tests?

Deoxyribonucleic Acid is a type of molecule. This acid provides very specific biological instructions about a species (remember that animals have DNA, too). It is this acid that contains the blueprint or information that helps to provide answers of how a person is created. This information is passed from one adult to the next in their children through the process of reproduction.
This particular type of testing is considered the most accurate. It is also the most commonly used method for DNA testing. It is a type of test that is widely available not just in the United States but in other countries as well. Because of this straightforward, reliable result, it is one of the best options for immigration options.

How Is a Deoxyribonucleic Acid Test Conducted?

The best way for this information to be obtained is through a buccal swab. This is also known as a cheek or mouth cavity swab. The process is very effective and easy. It is also non-invasive, making it an easier option for most patients over a blood test. In short, the buccal swab allows for cells to be collected from the inside check or from within the mouth using a cotton swab. It takes just a moment to complete. The information is then protected and sent off to a DNA testing center for confirmation. The process is rather painless and simplistic, making it an ideal choice for many people.

dna testIf you need to obtain a DNA test, it is likely that you will have a Deoxyribonucleic Acid test done in a testing center. It is a process that does not take much time but provides you with the information you need to have to answer key questions. No matter what those questions are, you need a reliable and trusted center to work with to get them.

Call our offices today at 718-701-0292 to schedule your DNA test. We’re the best DNA testing center in New York.

How Accurate Are DNA Tests?

There is always the unknown question out there. Is that child yours? Did your son really conceive this child with someone else? Perhaps you are questioning whether the parent that raised you really is your father. When questions like this occur, it can be hard to sort through details when it comes to birth certificates. Rather, you need to use science to help you. DNA tests can provide that information to you and give you the certain that you need. But, many people don’t realize just how accurate and spot on DNA tests really are. Do you?

How Do DNA Tests Work?

dna testBefore overlooking the value of a DNA test, consider how they work. Generally speaking, the people to be compared will have the interior of their check swabbed. This process allows for skin cells locate there to transfer to the cotton swab. Then, the DNA testing center can gather those skin cells from both people and compare them. The cells themselves contain DNA, or genetic makeup. It’s a virtual blueprint of the information about who you are. And, with today’s technology, it is possible to learn a great deal from these tests.

DNA tests can help you to learn if you have a high risk of developing heart disease or diabetes. It can help to show your risk of getting cancer. It can determine who your parents were as well as where your ancestry lies. In many ways, these types of tests can answer the questions you have about your family’s history and, in some situations, your future.

But, How Accurate Are They?

There is a low level of risk to inaccuracy. However, 99.9 percent of the time, these tests are accurate. The DNA testing process compares various markers in your DNA to determine if it matches another person’s information, in the cases of paternity. It can significantly provide you with conclusive information about whether or not someone is related to you and even who they are to you.


There is a very low margin of error in DNA testing. This comes from mistakes made during the process. However, the science is very accurate. As long as you work with a trusted and experienced DNA testing center, you can count on the results to be very accurate.

To get the information you need, contact our DNA testing center in New York at 718-701-0292 to book an appointment.

DNA Testing for Diseases

dna testingDNA testing for diseases (or molecular testing) can help determine your genetic predisposition for many important health conditions including cancers, cardiovascular conditions and diabetes. For many people, knowing which genetic disorders and diseases they are at risk from will allow them to plan to avoid or reduce it by making lifestyle changes. DNA testing for disease can be done to help determine if you are genetically predisposed for:

Yopung scientist loads PCR samplesThe purpose of DNA testing for disease is to let the person being tested know if mutation predisposing to or causing the specific condition or disease are present. It is important to understand that due to the complexity of DNA testing for disease and the significance of the test results, you may want to consult your doctor or a genetic counselor before making any medical or lifestyle changes and for further medical evaluation.

How DNA Testing for Disease is Based

The DNA test for disease is based on the study of SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms). It is very successful at identifying DNA markers associated with diseases or conditions. It is important to keep in mind that rare variations that affect certain diseases may not be covered by a SNP test as they still have not been discovered or because their incidence is uncommon. 

What to Expect from DNA Testing for Diseases

Genetic testing consists of a mouthwash or blood test for the DNA testing lab. Analysis of the sample can determine if you inherited a gene mutation that may contribute to the disease being tested for.

A genetic predisposition report will be provided to you by the DNA testing center. It is for informational and educational purposes only. It does not replace the advice or services of a doctor.

Where Can You Get DNA Testing for Diseases?

DNA testing for diseases can be performed at most DNA testing centers. It is important to make sure that you choose a testing center that will provide security of any information and hygienic collection of DNA samples you provide.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with the top DNA testing for diseases center in NYC. Test results are normally ready quickly from date of appointment.

DNA Testing for Siblings: Family Ties

siblingsMost of us know who are siblings are and that siblings share more DNA than do unrelated persons. But for various reasons, sometimes people require a DNA confirmation that biological relationship exists. DNA tests can confirm biological ties but will differ based on the relationship and gender of test participants:

Brother’s Y Test

The Y chromosome is passed from father to son. By testing the Y chromosome in two brothers it can be determined if they have the same father. This DNA test is 99.9% accurate and it can be used to test a variety of male relations such as grandfather-grandson or uncle-nephew.

Sister’s X Test

Men have one X chromosome which they pass to all their daughters. By testing the X chromosome in two sisters it be determined if they have the same biological father. This DNA test is 99.9% accurate. This test is works best for sisters with different mothers but if they have the same mother, the Mother’s DNA sample can be included.

Mitochondrial Test

Mitochondrial DNA is only inherited from the Mother, so a Mitochondrial Test is the best DNA test to see if siblings have the same biological mother. The accuracy of the test strongly depends on the type of mitochondrial DNA sample. When two matching persons have a rare type of Mitochondrial DNA, then they are more likely to be siblings versus two individuals who match with a common type of mitochondrial DNA. The probability of two siblings being related is calculated after the type of DNA is established in the DNA test.

Sibling Full Test

art.gene.double.helixIf a man and a woman want to be tested to establish a genetic tie to the same father, then they will need to do a full sibling DNA test. This test is around 90% accurate, and is analyzed to see the amount of DNA shared between the siblings. Accuracy can be drastically increased with DNA from other siblings or the mother.

Where Can You Get DNA Testing for Siblings?

A DNA test for siblings is easy and painless. A DNA tech will collect a DNA sample by swabbing a small sample of the inside of each person’s cheek. After collection, the sample is submitted to a DNA testing lab and/or DNA testing doctor.

DNA Testing for Siblings can be performed at DNA testing centers. It is important to make sure that you choose a testing center that will provide confidentiality of information and of the DNA samples you provide.

How DNA Testing Can Help Adoptees

The gift of knowledge is especially important in the adoption community. DNA testing for adoptees has helped bring long lost family members together. Additionally, more often adoptive families and their representatives are seeing the benefits of using a DNA testing center various times during the adoption process.

Using the services of a DNA testing lab or doctor can provide valuable information that can lead to the resolution of many situations and bring peace of mind. DNA testing has proven valuable in many adoption scenarios:

  • Reuniting with family members

  • Domestic and international adoption

  • Contested adoption and assisted reproduction cases

  • Desire to be added to adoption reunion registry in order to find birth relatives

  • Confirm the relationship of an already found relative

  • Locate any siblings in the US of your internationally adopted child

Adoption and DNA Testing

Adoption DNA tests are performed quickly and painless. A DNA technician takes a cotton swab and swipes it along the inside of each participant’s (family member’s) cheek. This is very easy and painless so anyone—even a baby—can have it done. This swab sloughs off skin cells from the inside of the cheek. These cells contain the genes or DNA that will be sent to a DNA testing lab for analysis and compared to other family member’s DNA. The results are usually ready within a week.

Where Can You Get DNA Testing for Adoptees?

DNA testing for adoptees can be performed at most DNA testing centers. It is important to make sure that you choose a testing center that will provide security of any information and hygienic collection of DNA samples you provide.

If you are ready for DNA testing, please call us to schedule an appointment with the top DNA testing for adoptees center in NYC. Test results are normally ready within 7 days from date of DNA test.

How Long Should Immigration DNA Testing in NYC Take?

BestDNAtestingNYC1How Long Should Immigration DNA Testing in NYC Take?

Trying to calculate how long it will take to get the results of DNA testing in NYC for immigration purposes can prove to be frustrating. There are a number of factors that contribute to how long it takes to get the DNA test results.

Many people who require immigration DNA testing in NYC are sponsoring a visa application for a relative back in their home country. Their goal is to receive the results as quickly as possible and move the process through more efficiently. However, there are many factors that can delay the DNA test results.BestDNAtestingNYC2

DNA samples taken from your loved one needs to be delivered to the U.S. embassy in the corresponding country. From there, that sample can take weeks, and possibly even longer, to reach the laboratory in New York City where the test is completed.

As a result, there is no possible way that any laboratory that performs DNA testing in NYC, or anywhere else for that matter, can guarantee results within a certain timeframe. Immigration DNA testing is different than paternity DNA tests and other tests, primarily because of the requirement that the sample transfer to custody of the U.S. at the embassy in your loved one’s country.

BestDNAtestingNYC3AABB DNA Testing understands the concerns and frustration that waiting can cause, and we work with all of our clients to reduce the wait time as much as possible. However, if any other DNA testing facility in NYC is guaranteeing delivery dates for immigration DNA testing, you need to be suspicious.

If you’d like to learn more about DNA testing in NYC, contact a professional at AABB DNA Testing. We’ll work with you to make the process as smooth as possible.

Make Sure that the Immigration DNA Testing Facility You Choose Includes All Required Tests

required-tests-for-immigration-dna-testing-facilityThe United States Citizenship and Immigration Service may require a number of DNA tests in NYC, or your home city, that go beyond the standard test requirements of paternity DNA testing (mother, father, and child, for example). It’s important to make sure that you understand what the USCIS requires with regard to immigration DNA testing.

The USCIS may require several different tests involving paternity, maternity, grandparenting, sibling relationships, cousins, and more. All of these tests involve the Biological Relationship Studies that are conducted via the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. This requirement is one of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of immigration DNA testing. It is also one of the key reasons why clients at AABB DNA Testing question the fact that immigration DNA testing is often more expensive and can take longer than paternity tests.

What if You Don’t Comply with All DNA Tests?

dna-testing-facility-required-tests-for-immigration-2If you are sponsoring a family member or multiple family members for permanent visas into the United States, you will be required to comply with all required immigration DNA tests. Failure to complete all familial DNA tests could delay the application process for years.

If you are uncertain about the number of required DNA tests to be completed, we invite you to contact the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service immediately to gather the appropriate information so that you can move the application process forward.

AABB DNA Testing is a DNA testing facility in New York City that is fully compliant with all federal rules and regulations regarding immigration DNA testing. We are ready to assist you in processing your visa application as smoothly as possible.