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We offer New York’s BEST AND MOST AFFORDABLE DNA TESTING with a full range of services to verify family relationships.

All Specimen Collectors Are AABB Certified

Our staff members have undergone AABB Relationship Testing Collection Training and Certification and are AABB registered sample collectors for relationship testing purposes and are included on the list of qualified collection suppliers given quarterly to AABB Accredited Relationship Testing Laboratories worldwide. AABB Certificates available to view on demand.

We are open on evenings & holidays!

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We specialize in the following types of DNA tests:

• Paternity • Prenatal • Maternity • Grand-parenting • Sibling Relationship • Biological Relationship Studies • Twin Studies • Deceased Paternity • Forensic Testing • Child Identity Testing • Family Tree and Genealogy Testing


* NO HIDDEN COSTS – Collection kits, photography, and fingerprinting all included.



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Has your petition been denied? Did you miss your deadline?

Call us.  We have found that in many cases, our personalized service can overturn your denial. We will call the passport office or immigration dept. for you and plead your case over phone verbally.

90% of time they will revoke your denial, as long as you get the required information to them quickly.


63-11 Queens Boulevard
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63-11 Queens Boulevard
Woodside NY 11377
Fax: 718-458-9700

We are open on evenings & holidays!

DNA Testing Right

AB DNA Testing Services offers a full range of DNA testing services using the most highly qualified AABB-Certified DNA testing laboratories in the country.

For New York residents, DNA testing has to be performed by a physician or legal entity (court, USCIS, US Embassy or Consulate).

AB DNA TESTING SERVICES offers a “One-Stop Shopping” service since we have a doctor on the premises who will perform the test. We are open 7 days a week, including weekends.

Prenatal DNA Testing • Immigration DNA Testing • Paternity • Maternity • Grand-parenting • Sibling Relationships • Biological Relationships • Twin Studies • Deceased Paternity • Forensic Testing • Child Identity Testing • Family Tree and Genealogy Testing

We are AABB registered DNA sample collectors. AABB certificates available on request.

Other doctors will charge a fee just for the office visit. We do not charge a fee for our on premises doctor visit. Save money and call for an appointment today!

AB DNA Testing Services

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What is AABB? Why Must DNA Testing Labs Have Their Accreditation?

People think about words like accuracy, high-tech, and reliability when they think about DNA testing. The truth is that DNA testing results are only accurate when they come from a professional laboratory. Without a government agency regulating DNA testing, consumers and laboratories depend on agencies such as the AABB. The AABB sets and holds laboratories to a certain standard of DNA testing. This ensures that customers receive accurate results through an efficient process.

What Does AABB Stand For?

AABB stands for the American Association of Blood Banks. The world recognizes their incredible contribution to forensic DNA testing. They are also the leading institution at accrediting the laboratories for DNA testing. You can find the accreditation of AABB for the following reasons:

  • DNA testing at facilities with AABB accreditation exceeds the standards of the industry.
  • DNA test results from a laboratory accredited with AABB are acceptable in various legal situations. Government organizations such as child support and immigration require the DNA tests performed by an AABB accredited laboratory.
  • If a laboratory is AABB accredited after years and years, it has a high-quality procedure for performing the test. Having AABB accreditation also means that the experts and technicians working at the lab have up-to-date qualifications and equipment and are reliable sources.

AABB DNA Testing Labs Accreditation

Benefits of AABB Accreditation

The AABB has been accrediting laboratories for testing since 1984. With updating technology, they have changed their standards a lot. Every year, the AABB updates the Relationship Testing Laboratory Standards. Every accredited laboratory has to follow this manual to maintain its credibility and standards. Once every two years, they perform an external audit. During that audit, the AABB representatives examine the laboratories, their procedures, processes, and policies. This is a blind audit and may occur at any time without prior notice.

To maintain and obtain accreditation for a laboratory, the labs must clear these blind audits with minimal issues. For doing that, laboratories have to clear three proficiency tests. Organizations have to perform the test for the cases where the auditors already know the answers. The analyst should attend meetings for educational purposes to be on the top of the literature and are aware of the advanced technology in the industry. Laboratories should also maintain their equipment so that all the tools and equipment are working properly.

The laboratory should create and follow policies about protecting their equipment from contamination, malfunctions, and any other issue that may occur due to carelessness. These are just one or two pages of the standards from the forty-eight pages. AABB knows how to uphold their standards.

The AABB is the most prestigious and well-known organization responsible for accrediting relationship and paternity testing laboratories. Other organizations such as CLIA and CAP are also prestigious but do not follow paternity testing laboratory standards. Therefore it is important that the AABB has accredited the laboratory of your choice.

You can find the list on the website of AABB for accredited laboratories. The best part is you can use these laboratories’ results for legal issues, and the judge will accept this as evidence or proof.

Should I Trust DNA Laboratories That Aren’t AABB Accredited?

As the equipment and technology for DNA testing are now affordable and accessible, various companies offer DNA paternity tests. However, you should know that DNA testing is more than just instrumentation and techniques. It requires expertise, experience, training, and qualified technicians and scientists. They must also follow all the protocols, perform tests carefully, and provide professional services to their clients. They are aware of every need for different clients. However, various other organizations in the United States are eligible for accrediting the laboratory other than AABB.

Nonexistent laboratories with poor reputations are not worthy of spending your money. Labs with reputation will quickly deliver an accurate result as they have an experienced and trained staff with advanced equipment for performing the test. If you search for a laboratory with high-quality DNA testing with trustworthy results, you need to visit the laboratories accredited with AABB.

AABB - DNA Testing Labs Accreditation


AB DNA Testing Laboratory will offer you high-quality DNA testing results with accuracy thanks to our highly trained professional team. The AB DNA Testing laboratory has AABB accreditation and an amazing reputation among customers. If you are looking for optimal DNA testing services, call us at 718-701-0292.

If you require any further information about our services and how we can help you with DNA testing, visit our website to learn more.

Requirements for Immigration to the USA

What are the requirements for immigration to the USA? US immigration law is quite complex. For people looking to start a new life there, the system can seem confusing. Immigration law depends on a few principles. These principles include family reunification, admitting immigrants who can provide value to the economy, protecting refugees, and promoting diversity. In this article, you will learn about how legal immigration works in the United States of America.

Immigration to the United States: Categories of Status

A misconception is that only lawyers need to understand basic immigration policies and laws. Below, you will find four categories under which US people fall. Since the criminal conviction may confuse you in the process of immigration, we also explain these categories. When you apply these concepts in your case, you can easily differentiate in various petitions for immigration.

Requirements for Immigration to the USA

1.    US Citizens

These people are born in the US or receive citizenship after spending three to five years in the States. These citizens are safe from deportation unless they have achieved their citizenship through fraud. By achieving this citizenship, you can work legally and avail any benefit that you are eligible for. You can also submit a legal petition for your parent, child, sibling, or spouse.

2.    Lawful Permanent Resident Status or LPR

LPRs or Lawful Permanent Residents receive a green card when they arrive in the United States. With LPR’s status, you can qualify for US citizenship after living in the United States for almost three to four continuous years. More than one million immigrants receive American citizenship every year through LPR status. They can then pay taxes and work as a US citizen. They can participate in any social service and vote. Following are the types of green cards:

  • Longtime-resident green cards
  • Diversity lottery green cards
  • Humanitarian green cards
  • Employment-based green cards
  • Family-based green cards

3.    Temporary Visitor Status

Immigrants who come to visit the United States for a short time will receive a temporary visa. They do not intend to stay in the country forever and return to their country after their visa expires.

Various visas offer visitors the status of a temporary immigrant. These visas include a B1 or business visa or a B2 or visitor visa. Once they complete their purpose for which they came to the US, they have to leave.

Requirements for Immigration to the USA 2020-2021

Steps to Apply for Family-Based Immigration

For a Lawful Permanent Resident of the US, you need to follow the below steps. This way, you can legally immigrate to the United States of America. However, for this process, you need to have a family member who can sponsor you. These steps are:

Step 1: Fill the Petition

To start the process of sponsorship, the Lawful Permanent Resident family member in the US will send an email to the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services). The mail should include a visa petition on Form I-130 of USCIS with various accompanying documents. The LRP needs to prove that their relationship with you or the applicant is real.

Step 2: Decision of USCIS

After USCIS receive the petition, the officers will go through the information and decide if they should approve your application or reject your request. If they approve, your case will move on to the National Visa Center for further processing. If they deny your request, you can file another petition after finding out what changes they need to work on to get the approval.

Step 3: Visa Availability

If you are in a Family preference group, then this step will apply to you. USCIS will not consider your permanent residence if you are not an immediate relative of your sponsor. Since the US has an annual limit on Green cards, they can approve, they rarely allow such relatives. The remaining immigrants are on the waiting list and mostly have to wait a year to find out if their visa is available.

Step 4: Visa or Green Card

If you receive an approval on your petition and your visa is available, you have to submit a permanent residence application. You can also apply for an immigrant visa from a US consulate located outside the United States. Only after applying at a consulate inside the States can you apply for a Green Card. While ensuring known as consular processing is going on, you need to fill some forms, submit the documents and go through a medical examination.


If you still want to understand the process of immigration in-depth, you can visit our website and find detailed information. You can also consult with our expert about the immigration process and learn how you will go through DNA testing for immigration.

For any information about immigration and DNA testing, contact us at 718-701-0292. Our professional technicians and analysts will accurately complete your DNA testing. Our experts are highly qualified and will perform DNA testing with 99.9% accuracy.

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