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63-11 Queens Boulevard
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63-11 Queens Boulevard
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We are open on evenings & holidays!

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AB DNA Testing Services offers a full range of DNA testing services using the most highly qualified AABB-Certified DNA testing laboratories in the country.

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We are AABB registered DNA sample collectors. AABB certificates available on request.

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Category Archives: Genetic Counseling

You’re Pregnant and Over 35: Genetic Counseling Is Important

dna testingMany people can benefit from genetic counseling and testing. There is no rule as to when someone should or should not have this type of testing especially since the testing is generally minimally invasive and safe for more people. Yet, some people should consider it even if they believe they are healthy. For those who are over the age of 35 and pregnant, the needs may be higher than you realize. If this is you, seeking out a DNA testing center now could be the ideal move to learn more about your child.

Your Risks Are Higher

dna testingWhy does it matter if you get genetic testing if you are older and pregnant? Women over the age of 35 are at a higher risk for having children that are born with genetic disorders. The best way to learn if your unborn child is at risk now or later is through this type of testing. It’s important to know that you are not required to submit for this type of testing and there may be little risk after all. However, if there is a concern, which is more likely now than if you were younger and pregnant, there are often steps doctors can take to help the child and to ensure that he or she is given the specific care necessary both during gestation and after birth.



Genetic testing during pregnancy can share a great deal of information with you about your child. Prenatal testing, for example, can help to identify any type of disease present in the child. In addition to this, children who are born to women over the age of 35 also benefit from newborn screening. This can help to pinpoint additional risks to health and development during those first few days after birth.

There are various types of tests available and the information they share can be incredible. However, for today’s mother who is over the age of 35 this type of testing can prove to be life saving to your child. Early detection of concerns may lead to preventative health measures, improved ability to provide proper care, and less risk that your child will suffer later.

If you wish to learn more about genetic counseling and how it can benefit you, come in to see us. As one of the best DNA testing centers in NYC, you can feel good talking to us about your needs.

What Is Genetic Counseling and Evaluation?

genetic counselingHave you thought about genetic counseling and evaluation services? Most people don’t, though most people could benefit from this type of service. Genetic counseling and evaluation is a process of determining what you or someone you love could be up against when it comes to their long-term or short-term health. It is a process conducted by trained professionals specializing in this area. Medical genetics has come a long way in a short time. It can help you in more ways than you may realize.

What Can You Learn From This Type of Testing?

This type of genetic testing can be done on one person or a number of people. The goal of it is the same – to learn more about the risks related to the development or the presence of genetic disorders. Could you be at risk for inherited conditions? With this type of testing, you can learn a great deal including:

Determine the risk of a genetic disorder’s presence. This is done through researching your family’s history, taking a look at medical records, and conducting a physical examination.

Determine if there is a risk and if so, the likelihood and what that risk entails.

Provide support for those who need information including making decisions about the medical, social, and ethical decisions you may need to make

Provide information about making that decision and about testing options availablegenetic counseling

Once information becomes available, genetic counseling and evaluation services can also help to interpreted the results and the data presented

It can also help to provide options for potential treatments or preventative measures that may apply in that individual situation.

It can also help families to discuss reproductive options.

There is no reason to remain in the dark about your genetic background or that of your family. Now is the time to learn more so that you can make the right decisions for yourself and your family in the long term. This may not seem important now but in some cases, it can prove to be virtually invaluable. For individuals who are considering starting their own families, it is even more important to have this type of genetic testing, counseling, and evaluation service conducted. Come in to see us for help. We are one of the best DNA testing centers in New York City and would be happy to help you.

What Can Genetic Counseling Tell You? 

How Can DNA Testing Help You?Genetic counseling and testing services can provide you with a wealth of information. It can be quite empowering to know what to expect and what the risks are for your health and that of your family’s. Yet, many people don’t realize the extensiveness of the information that genetic testing and counseling can offer today. You may be surprised with what it tells you.

Genetic testing can help to provide information specifically related to genetic disorders. There are three categories that geneticists group these types of disorders into. This information can be provided to you during DNA testing.

Monogenetic Disorders

This type of disorder is caused by a single gene. A mutation occurs in either one or both chromosome (one comes from each of the parents). There are many types of genetic disorders that fit into this area. This includes polycystic kidney disease, Tay-Sachs disease, cystic fibrosis, and sickle cell disease. These types of diseases are considered rate when compared to other forms.

Multifactorial Inheritance Disorders

A second categorization of genetic conditions is multifactorial inheritance disorders. These are generally caused by a combination of smaller inherited variations within the genetic makeup. When these are present together, they impact health. Generally, there is also the need for environmental factors to play a role. Those who have these types of genetic disorders are more likely to develop conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and similar conditions. It is also possible to put behavioral types of diseases in this area as well.

Chromosome Disorders

The final category is chromosome disorders. These are brought on by deficiencies or excess genes located on the chromosomes. It can also be brought on by structural changes to the chromosomes. There are several types of disorders that fall into this area including down syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome and chronic myeloid leukemia, a type of blood cancer.

Why does this matter? If you take the time to obtain the genetic testing you need, you’ll gain insight into the risks you face now and later. This can help you to make decisions about your health and well being over time. If you are facing questions about your genetic health or want more insight, genetic counseling can provide an outstanding level of information. You can get started by calling our office. We’re one of the leading DNA testing centers in New York City and ready to help you.

Seek Out Genetic Counseling for Genetic Conditions and Birth Defect Risk

Not knowing can be very difficult. Just a few years ago, it was impossible for people to know much about their genetic makeup. Predicting diseases was hard to do simply because there was limited information available as to what caused hereditary factors. Today, genetic counseling is a solution. With the help o a professional, it is possible to obtain a wide range of details about your potential genetic makeup as well as what types of genetic conditions and birth defects your unborn child may have.

What Is Genetic Counseling?

genetic counselingThe biggest question from most people is what is genetic counseling and what does it involve. Those who work in this field provide a very specialized service. The goal is to help families and individuals to get a better idea of who is at risk for developing genetic conditions or who may already have them.

Specifically, with the help of a genetic testing center, it is possible to learn more about the risk of developing various types of medical conditions. Through a simple blood test, doctors can fully understand the genetic makeup of an individual, up to the limit of science. It is then possible to use family history research to gather additional details. This, along with medical records and a physical examination of the individual can offer a view into what risks are present for that individual or his or her unborn child.

genetic counselingWhy should you consider genetic counseling? Aside from providing this information, it can also help to understand what the results mean. For example, if there is a risk of developing a specific condition, some parents want to know in advance so they can better prepare for their child’s needs. It may influence care later as well. The information that can come from this type of testing, whether it is to an unborn child or even for an adult, can be very powerful. It can answer questions and ease your mind.

Genetic counseling is not just a type of service for those who are expecting a child. It can be valuable to those who wish to conceive as well as those who may already be born and wondering about their genetic makeup. To learn more about your health or for more information about genetic counseling, turn to our DNA testing center in NYC for more information and support.